MalwareBytes Anti-Malware 4.5.4

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MalwareBytes Anti-Malware est ce qu'on pourrait appeler un anti-virus de la dernière chance, si après avoir été infecté par un virus que votre anti-virus ne sait pas comment désinfecter, lancer un scan avec MalwareBytes, il arrivera sûrement à s'en débarrasser sans aucun problème.

Par défaut, la version gratuite ne permet pas la surveillance en arrière-plan. Il faudra passer sur les versions payantes pour en bénéficier.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware
Version actuelle : 4.5.4
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Notes de version de MalwareBytes 4.5.4 (14/02/2022)

Features and improvements

  • Updates to Security Advisor.
    • Added Chrome updates monitoring.
    • Added Tamper Protection monitoring.
    • Added info-tips on real-time protection layers.
    • Added VPN monitoring.
    • Added Browser Guard monitoring.
  • Script CLI detections are now displayed.
  • Advanced Options is now hidden during Upgrades.
  • Updated the window for premium features.

Issues fixed

  • MBAM-5694: Toaster Notification seen with button not displayed.
  • MBAM-5970: DefaultBrowserChanged Event leads to error loop after changing the default browser to Opera.
  • MBAM-5969: GetDefaultBrowser() returned an exception for Opera as a default browser.
  • MBAM-5935: IsDefaultBrowserBgSupported does not return correct value for the browser that is supported.
  • MBAM-5935: Browser Guard installed returned wrong value for Firefox and Edge browser.
  • MBAM-5934: Is browser installed API returned false for the browser integration when enabled.
  • MBAM-5884: Installer Restart screen was detached and appears as two installers are running.
  • MBAM-5092: Automatically Check for Threat Intelligence Updates feature is activated for the free version after default is restored. 
  • MBAM-5870: Tamper protection enabled password prompt is shifted after wrong password was used. 
  • MBAM-5938: There were no Pending or Successful messages next to Web Protection when it is turned on from the Brute Force Protection screen. 
  • MBAM-6035: Wrong registry key was used for Default Browser monitoring.
  • MBAM-6057: Browser Guard Integration fails after default browser was changed to Firefox.
  • MBAM-6036: MBSetup hanged at install window after you click OK to the dialog saying there's a problem with network connection.
  • MBAM-5941: Component Update to a new version took longer than 30 seconds.
  • MBAM-5931: Web Protection locked during shutdown.
  • MBAM-5869: PredetectWLCache::AddEntry errors occurring for one of our detection engines.
  • MBAM-4374: Mbae.dll was removed for processes protected within pentest mode.
  • MBAM-2626: Users were able to install Malwarebytes directly to system critical folders.
  • MBAM-5996: Microsoft Office blocked with pentest mode enabled on Windows 7 computers. 
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