Avidemux 2.8.0

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Avidemux est un éditeur simple de fichiers vidéos. Gratuit et open-source, il permet de couper/regrouper/convertir n'importe quelle vidéo dans les principaux formats et supporte de nombreux codecs comme le H.264, H.265, WebM, VP9, WMV et l'AV1 côté vidéo ainsi que, l'AAC / HE-AAC, MP3, OGG Vorbis ou encore l'AC3 côté audio.

Il est disponible sur Windows (à partir de Windows 7), macOS (Catalina) ou Linux et en 32/64 bits.

Version actuelle : 2.8.0
Windows, macOS ou Linux ou sur le mirroir Sourceforge

Changelog Avidemux 2.8.0 (27/12/2021)
New features:


  • The part of video preceding the presentation time of the first frame is now excluded from created segment, making all videos appear as if they "start at zero".
  • When saving video, the frame matching the B marker is now excluded from the exported range. Therefore, if the B marker is set to the last frame of the video, it needs to be reset to the full duration for the last frame to be included into the output.
  • Loading Matroska files with HEVC video tracks takes longer as slice headers are decoded to detect the frame type.

New Video Filters

  • Analyzer
  • Blur (on selected area)
  • Cartoon
  • Color balance (adjust shadow, midtone and highlight)
  • Chroma hold (monochrome effect with kept colors)
  • Chroma key (replace "green screen" with an image)
  • Deband (reduce banding artifacts)
  • DelogoHQ (clean up arbitrary shaped logo)
  • Dynamic threshold
  • Fade from first image
  • Fade in (combination of multiple effects)
  • Fade out (combination of multiple effects)
  • Fade through (combination of multiple effects)
  • Fit to size (resize and pad to the specified size)
  • Flip (vertically/horizontally flip the image)
  • Grid (video wall effect)
  • Image stabilizer (reduce camera shakiness)
  • Luma stabilizer (reduce flickering)
  • Mirror
  • Posterize
  • Quadrilateral transformation (four point transform)
  • Wavelet denoiser
  • Wavelet sharpener
  • Zoom (partializable crop filter)

New Features

  • HDR video can be converted to SDR with tone mapping using a variety of methods.
  • FFV1 encoder is back (it was available in Avidemux 2.5.x).
  • TrueHD audio tracks can be decoded and are supported for Matroska containers.
  • Decoding support for WMA9 Lossless codec.
  • Filter previews have got a unified method to quickly compare filtered and unfiltered inputs via the "Peek Original" button.
  • Blend and motion interpolation options added to "Resample FPS" filter.
  • Mark cut points (segment boundaries) on the navigation slider. New buttons and shortcuts are provided to jump to these cut points.
  • In the Video Filter Manager, active filters can be temporarily disabled.
  • Preference added to load sequentially named pictures in reverse order, allowing to reverse video by exporting selection as JPEG images and loading the first one.
  • During playback navigation is possible via keys or by dragging the navigation slider.
  • Other Enhancements
  • "Resample FPS" and "Change FPS" filters can handle up to 1000 fps.
  • "Crop" filter's preview has got a translucent green masking.
  • "Crop" filter's Auto Crop function can achieve perfect crops (if the selected frame is not too dark).
  • The maximum output resolution of the "Resize" filter has been increased to 8192x8192
  • The "Resize" filter has got a nearest neighbour scaling option.
  • Improved HiDPI scaling in previews.
  • x264 video encoder plugin now allows to specify color properties.
  • Maximized window state, widget visibility and toolbar position are preserved after application restart.
  • Timestamps in format 00:00:00.000 like copied to clipboard by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C can be pasted into the "Go to Time" dialog using CTRL+V.
  • PulseAudioSimple audio device has been replaced with full PulseAudio, making an in-application volume control available (Linux only).
  • ALSA audio device plugin has been modified to use soft volume, providing application-specific volume control which works with every ALSA device.
  • In the Video Filter Manager, navigation by keyboard has been enhanced.
  • The VU meter ("Audio Metre") has been redesigned.


  • Occasional UI unrepsonsiveness during playback should be fixed.
  • Prevent navigation key events piling up.
  • Thumb slider, displaced by mouse wheel, is now automatically reset if the end of video is reached, stopping Avidemux log file from filling disk space.
  • Purple tint in old "Fade to" and "Fade to black" filters on macOS fixed.
  • Green tint in "MPlayer eq2" filter is fixed.


  • Bundled FFmpeg libraries have been updated to 4.4.1 release.
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