Brave 1.38 (1.39 bêta, 1.40 nightly)

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Crée en 2016 par Brendan Eich, qui n'est qu'autre que le co-fondateur de la Mozilla Foundation et le créateur du Javascript, Brave se targue d'être le navigateur internet respectueux de ses utilisateurs.

En effet, basé sur Chromium et dé-Google-isé au niveau code interne, le navigateur intègre un bloqueur de pub et un anti-tracking. Il permet même, si l'utilisateur le veut, de les remplacer par de la publicité plus pertinente afin de rémunérer le site web sur lesquels elles apparaissent, l'éditeur du navigateur et l'utilisateur.

Version actuelle : 1.38 - Langue française disponible dans les paramètres
[🇺🇸]: Windows 32 bits | 64 bits - macOS Intel | ARM64 - Linux

Changelog Brave 1.38 (22/04/2022)
  • Added the ability to redirect an AMP page to its canonical non-AMP version. (#20458)
  • Added “Select network” field in the Brave Wallet “Add custom asset” modal. (#21656)
  • Added isBraveWallet property to window.ethereum. (#21949)
  • Added the ability to copy Brave Wallet transaction hash from “Transactions” on the “Portfolio” page. (#19886)
  • Added confirmation screen after transaction is approved for Brave Wallet. (#21733)
  • Added bottom padding to the Brave Wallet swap container. (#21340)
  • Added loading skeletons for various areas within Brave Wallet. (#21339)
  • Implemented balance updater interval for Brave Wallet. (#21304)
  • Updated design for Brave Shields. (#18630)
  • Updated IPFS node to go-ipfs v0.12.0. (#21219)
  • Updated adblocking to execute all cosmetic scriptlets even if one fails. (#21932)
  • Updated wording on Brave Wallet backup reminder banner. (#21312)
  • Updated Brave Wallet swap capability to prevent unnecessarily encountering “Too many decimal places” error. (#21527)
  • Updated URL for Brave Wallet Ropsten Test Faucet network. (#21240)
  • Updated Brave Wallet password field to be cleared when an incorrect password is entered. (#21010)
  • Updated “Portfolio” page of Brave Wallet to return all EVM network tokens. (#20854)
  • Updated UI to increase spacing between “Assets” and “Transactions” on “Accounts” subview page of Brave Wallet. (#21532)
  • Updated link text color to blue for Brave Wallet onboarding screen. (#20302)
  • Updated alignment of options available from the Brave Wallet “More” menu. (#19680)
  • Renamed “Monthly Contributions” to “Monthly Tips” for Brave Rewards. (#20564)
  • Removed redirect after adding an account to Brave Wallet from the portfolio asset details screen. (#19138)
  • Removed referral code from P3A reports. (#21460)
  • Fixed unexpected storage cleanup on site close when “Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” is enabled under brave://settings/cookies. (#22493)
  • Fixed unblocked cookie consent dialogs on some websites when the brave://flags/#brave-adblock-cookie-list-default is enabled. (#22032)
  • Fixed inability to solve Brave Rewards CAPTCHA in certain cases. (#22180)
  • Fixed inability to import MetaMask wallet to Brave Wallet. (#22492)
  • Fixed failed second sign request (eth_signTypedData_v4) for L2 activation when using Brave Wallet. (#22070)
  • Fixed data on “Portfolio” page of Brave Wallet not being properly displayed due to parsing error. (#21941)
  • Fixed broken placeholder icons for ERC721 tokens on Brave Wallet “Account” page. (#21549)
  • Fixed “JSON data is not expected” when trying to import a crypto wallet into Brave Wallet in certain cases. (#19526)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet network selector list being partially blurred on page load. (#21423)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet “Add Custom Asset” modal incorrectly being populated with previously added custom token details. (#21337)
  • Fixed EIP-1559 gas oracle incorrectly firing on non-EIP-1559 networks for Brave Wallet. (#21107)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet percentage selector remaining selected when input value was updated. (#20315)
  • Fixed Speedreader icon incorrectly disappearing in certain cases. (#18243)
  • Fixed inability to exit reader mode when Speedreader is disabled. (#18242)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 101.0.4951.41. (#22431) (Changelog for 101.0.4951.41)
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Versions en cours de développement

Brave bêta
Version actuelle : 1.39
[🇺🇸] : Windows 32 bits | 64 bits - macOS Intel | ARM64 - Linux

Brave nightly
Version actuelle : 1.40
[🇺🇸] : Windows 32 bits | 64 bits - macOS Intel | ARM64 - Linux