nVidia GeForce 531.41 WHQL (Win) | 525.89.02 (Linux)

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Pilotes d'affichage pour cartes graphique GeForce, incluant les dernières mises à jour de sécurité ainsi que des optimisations pour les derniers jeux, compatible avec :

  • Pilotes Game Ready : GeForce 745/750, série 900 à RTX série 4000, GeForce TITAN
  • Pilotes Game Ready (Notebooks) : GeForce 800M à GeForce MX série 500 et RTX série 3000
  • Pilotes nVidia Studio : GeForce 1050 à RTX série 3000, GeForce TITAN

Fin du support pour Windows 7, 8 et 8.1 ainsi que des GTX 6xx et 7xx depuis le 12 Octobre 2021

GeForce Game Ready
Version actuelle : 531.29
Windows 10/11 (DCH)

GeForce Game Ready (Notebook)
Version actuelle : 531.29
Windows 10/11 (DCH)

nVidia Studio
Version actuelle : 531.41
Windows 10/11 (DCH)

nVidia Studio (Notebook)
Version actuelle : 531.41
Windows 10/11 (DCH)

Notes de version des GeForce Game Ready 531.29 WHQL (14/03/2023)

This new Game Ready Driver provides the best gaming experience for the latest new titles supporting NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology including Atomic Heart and the closed Beta of THE FINALS.

Fixed Bugs

  • Higher CPU usage from NVIDIA Container might be observed after exiting a game [4007208]
  • Stability issues may be observed on certain laptops with GeForce GTX 10/MX250/350 series GPUs [4008527]
  • Adobe application stability issues using 531.18 [4009055][4008751]
Notes de version des nVidia Studio 531.41 WHQL (21/03/2023)

NVIDIA Studio Drivers provide artists, creators, and 3D developers the best performance and reliability when working with creative applications. To achieve the highest level of reliability, Studio Drivers undergo extensive testing against multi-app creator workflows and multiple revisions of the top creative applications from Adobe to Autodesk and beyond.


The March NVIDIA Studio Driver provides optimal support for the latest new creative applications and updates announced at NVIDIA GTC including NVIDIA Canvas 1.4 and a myriad of new functionality for NVIDIA Omniverse. In addition, this NVIDIA Studio Driver also introduces support for the new RTX Video Super Resolution for GeForce RTX 40 and 30 Series GPUs.

Fixed Bugs

  • Adobe application stability issues using 531.18 [4008751]
  • Enscape crash at startup with 531.18 [4008190]
  • Beamr - Issue with AV1 encoding in PTD=0 mode [3981172]
  • Derivative TouchDesigner - NVAR: crash when using multi-person tracking [3808674]
  • [Forza Horizon 5] Rainbow like artifacts in game after driver update [3839021]
  • [Portal with RTX] "Background application max frame rate" setting is getting engaged while game is in focus [3897352]
  • Disable Horizon Zero Dawn Resizable Bar profile on Intel platforms [3759681]

nVidia GeForce pour distributions Linux

Pilote certifié pour les GPU GeForce séries 600 à RTX 30**, Titan, MX et Quadro (selon modèles).

nVidia GeForce
Version actuelle : 525.89.02
Linux 64 bits | ARM 64 bits

Changelog nVidia GeForce 525.89.02 stable pour Linux (08/02/2023)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause banding or flickering of color gradients on DisplayPort monitors.

Si un problème survenait lors de l'installation de certains pilotes, nVidia propose une page où vous pouvez retrouver d'anciennes versions de ces derniers ou des versions en cours de tests…

Accéder au centre de téléchargement de pilotes bêta et anciens

Anciennes versions

Versions dont le support est terminé

nVidia GeForce Windows 7/8.1
Version : 474.11 (64 bits)
PC | Notebooks

nVidia GeForce GTX 630+ / 710+
Version : 474.14 (64 bits)
Windows 10/11 Standard | DCH

nVidia GeForce
Version : 391.35 (32 bits)
Windows 7/8.1 - Windows 10

nVidia GeForce
Version : 390.154 (32 bits)
Linux 32 bits