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Depuis Maxthon 3, le navigateur ne s'appuie plus sur le moteur d'Internet Explorer pour afficher les pages, car maintenant, Maxthon se base désormais sur Chromium. Il sera donc considéré comme un véritable navigateur et non comme une surcouche. Avec les versions 4 et 5,  les développeurs ont poussé l'intégration dans le Cloud afin de proposer la synchronisation entre plateformes mobiles et bureau.

Avec la version 6, l'idée est d'aller encore plus loin et proposer le 1er navigateur reposant sur la technologie du blockchain.

Version actuelle :
[🇫🇷] : Télécharger pour Windows 7+, macOS, iOS et Android

Changelog Maxthon (Windows - 22/04/2024)
  • Comprehensive upgrade of data synchronization mechanism for faster and safer data syncing
  • Added Search Tab button located at the top left corner of the tab bar, allowing users to view and search open and recently closed tabs through an expanded menu. This feature can be enabled or disabled in 'Settings'->'Appearance' and supports keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added Video Download Acceleration: For full video downloads, videos from certain sites can be downloaded at high speed by clicking the acceleration button in the download popup to download the 720P version of the video.
  • Added Vertical Video Download Support: Resolution for full video downloads is adjusted to match the original video playback resolution.
  • Added Custom UserAgent: Added the ability to set a custom UserAgent string in Settings->Advanced->Laboratory.
  • Added intelligent recognition of extension file format: The download manager intelligently recognizes extension file (.crx) formats and prompts users to install them after successful download.
  • Added Password Manager shortcuts. Users can modify shortcuts in Settings->Mouse Gestures and Shortcuts->Shortcut Settings->More Shortcut Settings.
  • Optimized display of extension management quantity: The extensions management page now displays the total number of installed extensions.
  • Optimized interaction of Super bookmarks bar: Setting and unsetting 'My Favorites' will not close the bookmark menu, allowing consecutive settings in the bookmark bar.
  • Updated translations for multiple languages.
  • Fixed issue where changing bound accounts caused the new account to become a local account.
  • Fixed known crashes and issues.

Versions en cours de développement

Maxthon Bêta
Version actuelle : (29/04/2024) - Notes de version
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