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Miranda NG

Miranda NG est un fork indépendant du client de messagerie instantanée multi-protocole pour Windows très léger et rapide Miranda IM. Il garde la fonction principale qu'est le support multi-protocole en supportant les réseaux suivants : Discord, Em-LAN, Facebook, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, IRC, Jabber (XMPP), MinecraftDynmap, MRA, MSN, Omegle, Sametime, SkypeWeb, Steam, Tox, Twitter et VKon.

Miranda NG supporte également recevoir d'autres fonctions grâce à des plug-ins dévelopés par la communauté.

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Changelog Miranda NG (28/07/2019)

Core and libraries

  • both Miranda and Visual C++ runtimes are built with Spectre Variant 1 mitigations.
  • updated libcurl, libmdbx, iibssh2, libtox, and SQLite libraries.
  • cause Import is packed into the core package, PCRE library is also included in the core package.
  • excluded dbx_mmap from core package (you can still install it via the PluginUpdater for import purposes).
  • removed On the Phone and Out to Lunch statuses (they were used only by the old ICQ protocol).
  • removed very scarce and inactive langpacks: Croatian and Serbian.


  • Discord
    • fixed history retrieval for "general" chat.
    • fixed problems of small guilds (missing nick list, duplicate group chat messages).
  • Facebook
    • fixed loading of contacts' statuses.
    • fixed notifications issue.
  • ICQ
    • added password prompt if no password found in database.
    • added Remember this session password option to password prompt.
    • added Show error popups option.
    • removed Ignore List editor; all control over permit/deny lists went to Options → Contacts → Visibility. Note that in the ICQ protocol, invisibility and ignore are the same.
    • fixed broken search by phone number
    • first manual reconnect after manual disconnect was always failed.
    • the last message was added with wrong date/time on the first run.
    • protocol wasn't retrieve avatars if they were occasionally removed from disk.
    • on startup history of the only contact was synced.
    • fixed server group parsing.
  • Jabber
    • packet IDs now have a mir_<random_numbers>_ prefix instead of mir_, which caused a problem with Bria Mobile.
    • from now on Miranda requests a personal vCard from the server once a day. If its hash does not match the saved one, a presence with а new hash of the entire vCard will be sent to all contacts from the roster. Thus, all contacts (also using Miranda NG and later) will receive updated user information.
    • global vcard hash added to the presence.
    • buttons' icons could disappear after clicking OK.
    • Service Discovery didn't work on OpenFire.
    • removed support for obsolete XEP-0008: IQ-Based Avatars.
    • fixed broken p2p file transfer.
    • fixed crash if server required a captcha.
    • fixed file transfers if UPnP is used.
  • MRA
    • added some missing status icons.
  • SkypeWeb
    • increased length of ID field from 32 to 128 characters.
    • saving history in the correct order.
    • fixed caching wrong server address (e.g. when using a captive portal).
    • fixed contact/auth requests: searching, accepting a request, sending request, show requests without the need to relogin, deleting a contact.
  • Tox
    • added some missing icons to the protocol's menu.
    • a stuck file transfer caused a crash on Miranda exit.
  • Twitter
    • returned back a contact profile link in the contact list.
  • VKontakte
    • added audio message attachments type support.
    • .ogg files can now be send as audio messages.
    • added hidden option FilterAudioMessages.


  • Clist_modern
    • fixed display custom connection icons after any change in Options → Icons.
  • CurrencyRates
    • fixed missing plugin settings on a cliean profile.
  • Db_autobackups
    • changed default backup mask from %miranda_profilename%.dat_%currtime%_%compname%.dat to %miranda_profilename%_%currtime%_%compname%.dat
    • fixed broken dumps on exit if backup process takes too much time.
  • Import
    • added ability to import history (also in batch mode) from QIP 2005/Infium/2010/2012 and from History++.
    • fixed crash in service mode if run from Profile Manager.
  • MirandaG15
    • fixed plugin crash when Logitech Gaming Software exits.
  • MirLua
    • added interface for extra icons.
  • Msg_Export
    • fixed impossibility to change contact settings for export.
  • PluginUpdater
    • added the hidden option for hiding specified component from the list of updates.
    • pu_stub now works again.
    • fixed crash if the update dialog is closed while a download isn't finished yet.
    • fixed crash when launching pu_stub under Windows 7.
  • Scriver
    • when a new message arrives, the screen reader focus will no longer automatically move to it, allowing you to read previous messages.
    • fixed strange right-click behavior in some menus (now right-click does the same thing as left click).
  • ShlExt
    • fixed work under Windows 7.
  • StdMsg
    • fixed strange right-click behavior in some menus (now right-click does the same thing as left click).
  • TabSRMM
    • added option to disable Esc key (Message sessions → Tabs and layout → Esc key behavior).
    • option Add a comma instead of a colon to auto-completed user names now applies not only to auto-complete (Tab ↹) but also to double-click on a nick in nick list.
    • removed TabSRMM_icons_XP icon pack. You can download it from our website.
    • fixed strange right-click behavior in some menus (now right-click does the same thing as left click).

For developers

  • restricted manual access to CList/Group. Use Clist_GetGroup and Clist_SetGroup instead.
  • Button_SetIcon_IcoLib — a helper to set MButton's icon using an icolib handle.
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Miranda IM 0.10.80

Miranda IM est un client de messagerie instantanée multi-protocole pour Windows très léger et rapide. Il ne requiert aucune installation et peut même être stocké sur une simple disquette. La force de Miranda IM est son système d'extensions qui permet de le personnaliser en profondeur, en effet, il existe actuellement plus de 350 extensions à télécharger et maintenu par la communauté. Petit bonus, Miranda est le seul à supporter encore Windows 95/98/ME !

Miranda IM supporte AIM, Gadu-Gadu, IAX, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, MSN, Netsend, Tlen, Yahoo et d'autres encore....

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Télécharger Miranda IM 0.10.80 pour Windows

Changelog Miranda IM 0.10.80 (25/04/2018)
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