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Miranda NG

Miranda NG est un fork indépendant du client de messagerie instantanée multi-protocole pour Windows très léger et rapide Miranda IM. Il garde la fonction principale qu'est le support multi-protocole en supportant les réseaux suivants : Discord, Em-LAN, Facebook, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, IRC, Jabber (XMPP), MinecraftDynmap, MRA, MSN, Omegle, Sametime, SkypeWeb, Steam, Tox, Twitter et VKon.

Miranda NG supporte également recevoir d'autres fonctions grâce à des plug-ins dévelopés par la communauté.

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Changelog Miranda NG (19/11/2020)

Core and libraries

  • added ability to rotate network logs.
  • added ability to print dates in network log.
  • added Check database menu item to profile manager.
  • Issue #2516 compressing the database in the profile manager now shows a message about the result.
  • switched OpenSSL from old and unsupported 1.0.2 branch to newest 1.1.1 branch.
  • updated libcurl, liblua, libmdbx, and SQLite libraries.
  • Issue #2510 fixed icons sorting order.
  • Issue #2573 fixed autoexec_.ini import for settings contained slashes.
  • fixed inability to remove autoexec_.ini if Miranda installed into Program Files (a request for privileges will be made via UAC).
  • fixed text clipping in installers when settings a non-standard DPI in the operating system.


  • Discord
    • basic domains replaced to discord.com
  • EmLanProto
    • from now the protocol is bound to localhost (useful in cases when Miranda was launched before raising the local network).
  • Jabber
    • Issue #2604 added Enable Message Archive Management (XEP-0313) option (so you can disable MAM support if you want).
    • improved XEP-0313: Message Archive Management implementation compatibility with OpenFire and Prosody IM.
    • Issue #2518 double click on bookmarks now launch it.
    • Issue #2584 all lists (participants, moderators, members, admins, owners, outcasts) are now sorted alphabetically; Enter button in the filter field now applies the entered filter.
    • Issue #2566 privacy lists editor now show all contacts even hidden ones.
    • Issue #2565 privacy lists editor no more allows removing active list.
    • Issue #2565 privacy lists editor no more allows to change settings of "<none>" list.
    • disabled XEP-0231: Bits of Binary for group chats.
    • fixed no nickname for new contacts.
    • Issue #2506 fixed crash or disfunction of SCRAM/SHA256/SHA512 auth.
    • fixed sounds and popups in group chats without <subject/>.
  • Steam
    • if a friend list request comes with an error code, all contacts will no longer be removed from Miranda.
  • VKontakte
    • added downloadable stickers support (SmileyAdd plugin required).
    • added [sticker:code] and [sticker-code] templates for sending stickers.
    • added UseStikersAsStaticSmileys hidden option.
    • added "wall reply" attachments support.
    • unknown attachment types will be displayed as text.
    • fixed server history deletion on contact delete.
    • fixed server history deletion on ban user.


  • Clist_modern
    • Issue #2513 added ability to rename view modes.
    • Issue #2504 rolled back a fix for contacts list auto resize.
    • disabled by default Use improved search method in contact list option.
  • DbChecker
    • support restored. Plugin was added to base package.
    • Issue #2517 added Main menu → Database → Check database menu item.
  • Dbx_mdbx
    • added ability to switch between meta-pages to mdbx_chk. In most cases, this fixes the damaged database at the cost of losing the latest events. See the plugin page for details.
    • fixed "error -32790" on very large profiles.
  • Import
    • fixed crash in mContacts import.
  • IRC
    • fixed a rare crash.
  • New_GPG
    • Issue #2603 reduced minimum name length to 4 characters (from 5).
    • Issue #2603 e-mail can now be in the name@localhost format (without domain zone).
  • NewStory
    • adopted plugin from Miranda IM.
  • PluginUpdater
    • Issue #2555 added error handling on updates unpacking.
    • added ability to keep multiple backups and the Number of backups to keep: option. Backups are incremental!
    • Issue #2554 in case of failure when replacing files, the plugin will automatically roll back the changes.
    • Issue #2547 Restart Miranda automatically with Silent mode enabled no more requires clicking on a pop-up.
    • Issue #2548 Backup database before update option is no longer available if Db_autobackups plugin is not installed.
  • Scriver
    • Issue #2591 renamed Enable button context menus option to Show button menus when right clicking the buttons and moved to Message sessions → Group chats → Events and filters tab.
  • SeenPlugin
    • "Accounts to watch" list became available to screen readers.
    • Issue #2508 fixed applying "Accounts to watch" checkboxes state.
  • SmileyAdd
    • Issue #2526 removed Disable stickers option.
    • Issue #2532 downloaded stickers no longer disappear when reopening message window.
    • fixed incorrect setting an absolute path instead of a relative one.
  • StdMsg
    • Issue #2591moved Show button menus when right clicking the buttons option to Message sessions → Group chats → Events and filters tab.
    • Issue #2512 fixed broken group chat colors.
  • TabSRMM
    • Issue #2608 added ability to customize "Clear message area" hotkey.
    • the event filter button now shows settings mini-window by left-click (instead of right-clicking).
    • Issue #2591 moved Show button menus when right clicking the buttons option to Message sessions → Group chats → Events and filters tab.
    • removed subclassIEView hidden option.
    • Issue #2521 fixed Esc key behavior selection for group chats.
    • Issue #2610 fixed inability to transfer file from clipboard by pressing Ctrl+V.

For developers

  • Chat API: added "Mute" parameter to any chat, turning short/long blinking mode.
  • DeleteDirectoryTreeW — new function that deletes a folder with all subfolders (recursively). Do not use it at the root of the disk C: 😅
  • g_chatApi.LogToFile completely moved into the core.
  • CCtrlTreeOpts class moved into the core.
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Miranda IM 0.10.80

Miranda IM est un client de messagerie instantanée multi-protocole pour Windows très léger et rapide. Il ne requiert aucune installation et peut même être stocké sur une simple disquette. La force de Miranda IM est son système d'extensions qui permet de le personnaliser en profondeur, en effet, il existe actuellement plus de 350 extensions à télécharger et maintenu par la communauté. Petit bonus, Miranda est le seul à supporter encore Windows 95/98/ME !

Miranda IM supporte AIM, Gadu-Gadu, IAX, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, MSN, Netsend, Tlen, Yahoo et d'autres encore....

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Changelog Miranda IM 0.10.80 (25/04/2018)
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