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Miranda NG

Miranda NG est un fork indépendant du client de messagerie instantanée multi-protocole pour Windows très léger et rapide Miranda IM. Il garde la fonction principale qu'est le support multi-protocole en supportant les réseaux suivants : Discord, Em-LAN, Facebook, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, IRC, Jabber (XMPP), MinecraftDynmap, MRA, MSN, Omegle, Sametime, SkypeWeb, Steam, Tox, Twitter et VKon.

Miranda NG supporte également recevoir d'autres fonctions grâce à des plug-ins dévelopés par la communauté.

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Changelog Miranda NG (08/02/2019)

Core and libraries

  • updated BASS, FreeImage, libcurl, libmdbx, toxcore, and SQLite libraries.
  • search field can now search in the language of the current language pack, not only in English.
  • fixme.cmd no more fails if path to profile contains spaces.
  • column headers text returned to Find/add contacts... dialog.
  • fixed Ctrl+Click on a protocol doesn't filter metacontacts.
  • add service for get last seen string from Last seen plugin.
  • fixed possible problem with cyrillic file names in NTLM auth.
  • initialized OpenSSL locks. This can solve many OpenSSL-related crashes.
  • plugins now load immediately after installing.
  • removed "load/unload plugin" button from "Plugins" settings page. Use checkboxes instead.


  • ICQ
    • ICQ servers drops old auth scheme support. We deprecated old OSCAR protocol completely and implemented support for a brand new WIM protocol. See plugin page for detailed information.
    • removed "Free for chat" status.
    • added MRA support.
  • Jabber
    • fixed occasional crash during registration at jabber.ccc.de
    • if Kerberos authentication is available, it must be preferred to the usual NTLM auth.
    • added dynamic plugin's presence checker.
  • MRA
    • all MRA accounts will be converted to ICQ automatically.
  • SkypeWeb
    • fixed duplication of incoming messages.
    • fixed "Invalid data" error on audio/video call.


  • CrashDumper
    • Use classic dates option no longer depends on Generate crash reports option.
  • Dbx_mdbx
    • plugin now really change profile timestamp on exit.
    • sub's events wasn't marked as read, because of that SRMM could read all events into a message log.
  • SMS
    • deprecated due to missing SMS support in ICQ-WIM.
  • StdMsg
    • fixed text selection bug in the message log since 0.95.8
  • TabSRMM
    • fixed crash on plugin unload.
  • Toaster
    • fixed Start Menu folder path detection.
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Miranda IM 0.10.80

Miranda IM est un client de messagerie instantanée multi-protocole pour Windows très léger et rapide. Il ne requiert aucune installation et peut même être stocké sur une simple disquette. La force de Miranda IM est son système d'extensions qui permet de le personnaliser en profondeur, en effet, il existe actuellement plus de 350 extensions à télécharger et maintenu par la communauté. Petit bonus, Miranda est le seul à supporter encore Windows 95/98/ME !

Miranda IM supporte AIM, Gadu-Gadu, IAX, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, MSN, Netsend, Tlen, Yahoo et d'autres encore....

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Télécharger Miranda IM 0.10.80 pour Windows

Changelog Miranda IM 0.10.80 (25/04/2018)
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