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Miranda NG 0.95.10

Miranda NG est un fork indépendant du client de messagerie instantanée multi-protocole pour Windows très léger et rapide Miranda IM. Il garde la fonction principale qu'est le support multi-protocole en supportant les réseaux suivants : Discord, Em-LAN, Facebook, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, IRC, Jabber (XMPP), MinecraftDynmap, MRA, MSN, Omegle, Sametime, SkypeWeb, Steam, Tox, Twitter et VKon.

Miranda NG supporte également recevoir d'autres fonctions grâce à des plug-ins dévelopés par la communauté.

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Changelog Miranda NG 0.95.10 (10/12/2018)


  • db_event_getById and db_event_setId — two new functions to manage events by their server IDs (useful for Discord, Facebook, Skype, VKontakte protocols)

Core and libraries

  • updated libcurl, libmdbx, libsodium, libtox, OpenSSL and SQLite libraries.
  • Profile Manager: added checkbox for launching plugins in the service mode.
  • Options → Sounds: added "Select all" and "Select none" menu items to sounds settings.
  • recursive removal of embedded groups enabled by default. If a removed group contains subgroups with contacts, all subgroups will be deleted and all contacts will be moved to the parent group.


  • Discord
    • fixed wrongly embedding next reply into link info.
    • chats now go offline when protocol goes offline.
    • fixed some cases, when group history is missing usernames when retrieved on login.
    • added channel groups support.
    • added Use subgroups for guild's channels option.
    • fixed disconnecting the whole account when a server drops the gateway connection.
    • sending a message with a link can cause the message to be discarded.
    • in some cases, sending a link in own message can cause that message to be attributed to the conversation partner.
    • fixed blank usernames and missing role icons.
    • fixed parsing links from unknown users in group chats.
    • fixed guild sync.
    • direct messages from temporary contacts cause the contact to be shown as if it were a regular friend.
  • IRC
    • fixed crash on channel list closing.
  • Jabber
    • fixed sudden protocol disconnection when Miranda receives inconsistent stanza.
  • MRA
    • deprecated. Mail.ru dropped old MRA protocol support. Contacts and history will be automatically converted to the Dummy protocol.
  • Tox
    • fixed contact name cutting in contact's details for temporary contacts.
    • fixed wrongly adding a temporary contact to the default group instead of placing it outside groups.
    • fixed skipping file transfer (if a file already exists) causes a stuck "pending" transfer.


  • Dbx_mdbx
    • event IDs support.
    • fixed subcontact's history disappears after removing a subcontact.
    • fixed for a possible crash after database compaction.
    • added control for disk overflow during backup.
    • fixed concurrent database creation.
  • Import
    • added ability to copy text from log.
    • fixed numerous issues when running in service mode.
    • wizard window became resizeable.
  • Scriver
    • fixed loading read messages into the log when contact window is open.
    • plugin now throw a warning if sent message is bigger than protocol support.
  • MirLua
    • m_protocols
      • hook to catch sending messages.
      • new function BroadcastAck.
      • ability to get message from CCSDATA.
    • m_srmm
      • added hWnd to CustomButtonClickData.
    • m_message
      • fixed to paste in private message log.
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Miranda IM 0.10.80

Miranda IM est un client de messagerie instantanée multi-protocole pour Windows très léger et rapide. Il ne requiert aucune installation et peut même être stocké sur une simple disquette. La force de Miranda IM est son système d'extensions qui permet de le personnaliser en profondeur, en effet, il existe actuellement plus de 350 extensions à télécharger et maintenu par la communauté. Petit bonus, Miranda est le seul à supporter encore Windows 95/98/ME !

Miranda IM supporte AIM, Gadu-Gadu, IAX, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, MSN, Netsend, Tlen, Yahoo et d'autres encore....

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Télécharger Miranda IM 0.10.80 pour Windows

Changelog Miranda IM 0.10.80 (25/04/2018)
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