OnlyOffice 7.3

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OnlyOffice est une suite bureautique libre développée par la société Ascensio System SIA en Lettonie. Autrefois appelée TeamLab, la suite bureautique est tout d'abord née en ligne en 2009 avant d'y être renommée et déclinée en logiciel pour tous les systèmes d'exploitation en 2016.

Comme toute suite bureautique, OnlyOffice propose un logiciel pour faire du traitement de texte, du tableur, des présentations et même des formulaires.

Autre avantage d'OnlyOffice, il est gratuit et disponible sur tous les systèmes d'exploitation (Windows XP à 11, macOS, Linux, Android et iOS).

Notes de version de OnlyOffice 7.3 (31/01/2023)

New Features

All Editors

  • Unified appearance for tooltips (Windows, Linux)
  • Window shadow effect (Windows only)
  • Jump List (Tasks) for the application shortcut in the start menu and taskbar (Windows 7 and later)
  • Abandoning the third-party update window and reworking the Check for updates automatically option (Windows 7 and later)
  • Dialog windows (file manager and print) are replaced with the system ones (Linux only)
  • Support for xdg-desktop-portal in the file dialog window (Linux only)
  • Use the file name when printing to PDF by default (Linux only)
  • Equation quick access panel
  • 3D Rotation settings for 3D charts
  • Display of chart error bars (for opening only)
  • Inserting Smart Art objects
  • Uzbek dictionaries for spell checking: Uzbek (Cyrillic) and Uzbek (Latin)
  • Presets for inserting horizontal and vertical text boxes
  • Ability to hide left and right panel on the View tab of the top toolbar
  • Width of the styles / themes panel now fits the whole number of items
  • Grouping for table templates
  • Cell styles in the OLE object editor
  • Ability to resize dialog windows for editing charts, OLE objects, and mail merge recipients
  • Unified appearance for dialog windows, context menus, toolbar, etc.
  • Optimizing display of comments
  • Changed metafiles conversion to SVG
  • Reading and writing PDF are combined in a single library to optimize work
  • Quick print function (Windows, Linux)
  • Changed default logic of work with local documents locked for editing (Windows, Linux)

Document Editor

  • Support for entering equations in two modes (Unicode and LaTeX)
  • Ability to protect a document by setting a restriction on editing
  • Button for accessing to statistics in the status bar
  • Support of relative links to local files

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Watch Window
  • Ability to select multiple items using Ctrl/Shift in the Watch Window
  • Support for updating links to external files and the ability to create these links
  • Ability to add a link between files within the portal using Paste Special
  • Ability to insert data from the XML file (XML Spreadsheet 2003 is supported)
  • Changed preview size for cell styles
  • Support of relative links to local files

Presentation Editor

  • Support for entering equations in two modes (Unicode and LaTeX)
  • Guides and Gridlines settings in the View tab and the context menu
  • Tooltips when moving guides and the ability to remove the selected guide
  • Paste Special parameters for a slide
  • Ability to save a shape (graphic object) as a picture in the context menu


  • New fields: Date and timeZip CodeCredit Card
  • Managing roles: adding, editing, removing roles, assigning them to fields
  • Ability to preview the DOCXF file from the point of view of each created role


  • Fix the XSS vulnerability when creating a new style
  • Changed the Signature Setup window
  • New captions to fields
  • Show sign date option is enabled by default when adding a signature
  • Tip in the Instructions for signer field
  • Fixed application path when installing MSI in non-English locales (DesktopEditors#1157)
  • All editors received countless fixes
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