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OnlyOffice est une suite bureautique libre développée par la société Ascensio System SIA en Lettonie. Autrefois appelée TeamLab, la suite bureautique est tout d'abord née en ligne en 2009 avant d'y être renommée et déclinée en logiciel pour tous les systèmes d'exploitation en 2016.

Comme toute suite bureautique, OnlyOffice propose un logiciel pour faire du traitement de texte, du tableur, des présentations et même des formulaires.

Autre avantage d'OnlyOffice, il est gratuit et disponible sur tous les systèmes d'exploitation (Windows XP à 11, macOS, Linux, Android et iOS).

Notes de version de OnlyOffice 8.1 (20/06/2024)

New Features

  • Switching to the creating forms in the PDF format
  • Added the ability to disable the Connect to cloud page via the --lock-portals key
  • Added a window to restart the application if the settings marked with the asterisk are applied (Windows, Linux)
  • Added the Use graphics acceleration option to the application settings
  • Added the progress of unpacking downloaded update to the About page (Windows)
  • Added the ability to open a file by specifying its name in the terminal (Linux)
  • Updated images for the error pages
  • Added the translation into Serbian (sr-Latn-RS, Serbian (Latin, Serbia and Montenegro))
  • Added a button to select a local file in the hyperlink insertion dialog window
  • Changes in program interface: manageable functional buttons, Replace button is now on the Home tab, Copy style, Clear style, Select all
  • Autoshape shadowing settings
  • Updated the set of color themes available in editors
  • Added internal help in Portuguese (pt-BR)
  • Added Arabic to all regional settings
  • Added a title and a button to close the panel to the Chat panel

Document Editor

  • New button on the top toolbar for changing document editing mode: EditingReviewingViewing
  • Added tooltips for new or updated functionality (displayed when loading the editor or when switching to the corresponding tab)
  • Implemented the ability to set the format for page numbering
  • Added support for the page color
  • Updated built-in paragraph styles
  • New items in the indents menu for opening the right panel and managing paragraph indents, the ability to manage paragraph indents via the top toolbar
  • Color theme button is now on the Layout tab
  • Mail merge button is now on the Collaboration tab
  • Line spacing options updated
  • Improved work of the algorithm for displaying numbers and punctuation in Arabic text for the Neutral and Weak classes
  • Improved fitting for paragraphs with main RTL direction

Spreadsheet Editor

  • New languages added: ligature support
  • Selected cells are highlighted on their respective row/column numbers
  • New function category: Custom based on jsdoc
  • Version history update: edited cells are highlighted
  • Users get custom protected range cells viewing rights
  • Implemented the ability to copy/move sheets between opened books
  • Changed the appearance of the sheet list in the embedded viewer in accordance with the styles of the main spreadsheet editor

Presentation Editor

  • New slide settings on the right panel: show background graphics, reset background to the theme background, apply settings to all slides
  • Added Animation pane
  • Added a mode for editing master slides and templates
  • Updated the player interface for playing audio/video files (Windows and Linux)


  • When adding a fixed form, now it is inserted without wrapping in front of the text
  • The color of the Picture placeholder corresponds to the color of the role for this form
  • The thickness of the frame for required fields is now 2 px with any zoom
  • Added a button to switch to the editing mode (similar to the button in the editor header) for forms opened in the View or Fill forms mode

PDF Editor

  • Added buttons for switching editing/viewing (annotations) modes to the toolbar and the editor header
  • Added tooltips for new or updated functionality (displayed when loading the editor or when switching to the corresponding tab)
  • In the Edit mode, it's possible to add various objects (using the Home and Insert tabs) and configure them using the right panel and context menu
  • Added the ability to add, delete or rotate pages using the context menu and the toolbar
  • Added a mini toolbar for adding annotations when selecting text



  • Fixed vulnerabilities in the PtgName::assemble, PtgNameX::assemble, PtgParen::assemble, PtgRef3d::assemble, PtgList::assemble and PtgArea3d::assemble methods which cause crash when converting XLS to XLSX
  • Fixed the vulnerability in the CDataStream::ReadEmrTextBase method which causes crash when converting ODP to PDF
  • Fixed the vulnerability in the GlobalsSubstream::UpdateDefineNames method which causes crash when converting XLS to XLSX
  • Fixed the vulnerability in the WorkBookStream::UpdateXtiWorkBookStream::UpdateXti, methods which causes crash when converting XLS to XLSX
  • Fixed Heap Buffer Overflow when converting EPUB to PDF
  • Fixed the vulnerability in the CPPTUserInfo::LoadExternal method which allows writing a file to a folder with restricted access when converting PPT to PPTX
  • Fixed vulnerabilities which allow reading data from a third-party file when converting OOXML to ODF and vice versa
  • Fixed Heap Buffer Overflow in the CSvmFile::Read_META_BMP method when converting ODP to PPTX
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