Vivaldi 1.10.867

Vivaldi 1.10.867 pour Windows, macOS et Linux

Vivaldi est un nouveau navigateur internet basé sur le moteur Blink (le fork de Webkit) et est destiné aux technophiles fâchés avec Google Chrome et ceux qui se sont senti délaissés avec l'abandon d'Opera de son ancien moteur Presto et de ses anciennes fonctionnalités.

Ainsi, les développeurs de Vivaldi vont proposer de retrouver ces anciennes fonctionnalités (client mail, client bitorrent, etc..) au sein d'une seule et même application.

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Télécharger Vivaldi 1.10.867 pour Windows, macOS et Linux

Nouveautés de Vivaldi 1.10 (15/06/2017)

New Features

  • Add image toggling to view menu and create shortcut for it (VB-10872)
  • Add option “Controlled by Extension” to “New Tab Page” settings (VB-20808)
  • Added options to turn off bookmarks and typed history in the Address Bar drop-down (VB-28979)
  • Custom Speed Dial thumbnail preview (VB-7179)
  • Dock Developer Tools to main window (VB-2776)
  • Implement sorting for Downloads (VB-27902)
  • Possibility to set an image for a Speed Dial folder (VB-9294)
  • [Windows] Desktop wallpaper can be used as Start Page background image – Windows 8 and above (VB-24904)



  • [Mac] “Look Up” selection is offset when “Native Window” is enabled (VB-27792)
  • [Mac] Tap with three fingers is swallowed (VB-15570)
  • [Mac] Vivaldi goes to previous page after you right-click and double-click (VB-28562)
  • [Mac][Media] Improvements in resiliency (VB-23256)
  • [Mac][Linux] “Rocker Gestures” don’t work consistently if “Allow Gestures” is disabled (VB-28632)
  • [Linux] UI context menus do not show up on long touch (VB-17457)

Address Field

  • Copy URL doesn’t work properly for some characters (VB-28662)
  • Focus not in the URL field on Speed Dial when closing tab (VB-28080)
  • The single quote character displayed as HTML code in the search suggestions (VB-27576)
  • URL open modifiers not working in typed history (VB-28300)
  • URL open modifiers not working in search field typed history (VB-28432)
  • Vivaldi-prefixed URLs incorrectly rank highest in autocomplete (VB-27678)
  • Wrong text selection behavior in URL field after pressing Shift+End (VB-27524)
  • [IME] Cannot go to some pages by “Cut and Copy Encoded” (VB-28747)

Quick Commands

  • Add the page actions to Quick Command (VB-20515)
  • Allow content type exclusion (VB-25935)
  • Allow internal pages (VB-10785)
  • Fallback icon for open tabs (VB-28643)
  • Enabling reader mode from Quick Commands removes focus from the web page (VB-28058)
  • Hint autocompletion (VB-7897)
  • Keep focus in Quick Commands on page load or tab switch (VB-28558)
  • Omit irrelevant commands (VB-26261)
  • Search includes bookmarks from Trash (VB-28678)
  • Show number of open tabs in title (VB-14650)
  • Typing gets increasingly slow with a big set of bookmarks (VB-7463)
  • PgDown and PgUp handling (VB-22598)
  • Pin/Unpin tab (VB-26181)

Speed Dial

  • Add to Speed Dial drawer does not close on Bookmarks, History (VB-2613)
  • Dragging Speed Dial bookmarks might break Speed Dial (VB-14546)
  • Provide a visual hint of pages for folders (VB-6192)
  • Remove column limit (VB-14689)
  • Start Page has wrong dimension when tiled (VB-27696)


  • Hard to move extension icons by dragging when “Use Animation” is off (VB-27959)
  • Mouse scroll does not work on tab opened by a Chrome extension using (VB-28279)
  • Only the first window extension order is remembered (VB-27948)
  • Options in Click&Clean extension do not work (VB-20369)
  • Pop-up windows from extensions in address bar sized incorrectly (VB-25663)

IME fixes

  • Japanese text to be confirmed while renaming tab stack (VB-28576)
  • Unconfirmed text disappears on click (VB-24108)
  • [Mac] Illegal character code inserts (VB-24957)
  • [Mac] Pressing Enter confirms bookmark info while typing in Japanese (VB-28418)

Other changes

  • [Bookmarks] Wrong selection when removing bookmark (VB-28222)
  • [Downloads] Added items are not always visible in the list (VB-28419)
  • [Downloads] Progress bar does now show up when restarting (VB-27967)
  • [Media] Renderer crashes, if I want to play sound on (VB-27469)
  • [Media] Turn on MSE (Media Source Extensions) handling of MP3 (VB-27381)
  • [Notes] Let “Insert Note” menu use sub menus (VB-27778)
  • [Notes] Search in Notes does not find folders (VB-28109)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Spatial navigation skips links (VB-27061)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Spatial navigation doesn’t work in web panels (VB-28237)
  • [Search Engines] Rename Yandex to Яндекс (VB-5176)
  • [Settings] Allow multiline titles (VB-28541)
  • [Settings] Renaming autoupdate to updates (VB-26835)
  • [Start Page] Cannot set local image as Start Page background from context menu (VB-12282)
  • [Tab bar] Increase minimal vertical tabs width in overflow (VB-24907)
  • [Tab bar] Minimized tab close button alignment fix (VB-26850)
  • [Tab Bar] Stack indicator overlaps favicon & counter (VB-24205)
  • [Themes] “Fade foreground colours when out of focus” cannot be disabled/enabled second time you open settings (VB-19901)
  • [Themes] Prevent duplicate names (VB-28794)
  • [Web panels] Favicons are not transparent (VB-27726)
  • Add ability to customize the minor version in the User Agent string (VB-28565)
  • Added setting for focusing webview on new tab (VB-27034)
  • Blurry update dialog – enable high DPI support (VB-29108)
  • Cloned pinned tab does not appear on tab bar until switching to another tab (VB-25025)
  • Closing Vivaldi with an active download leaves ghosts (VB-25418)
  • Changes to Settings view (VB-13218)
  • Color gesture strokes in settings (VB-21975)
  • Crash when configured startup page is a page with basic authentication (VB-29124)
  • Focus not on page when restoring tabs from session (VB-28191)
  • Full page capture does not capture canvas content (VB-28649)
  • Pop-up fixes (VB-27583)
  • Remove Winsparkle from Vivaldi and always use the UpdateNotifier for updating (VB-26833)
  • Search for mail address in Address Bar (VB-28890)
  • Search history cannot be displayed after visiting settings (VB-28319)
  • Settings window can be opened with the reopen tab mouse gesture (VB-9603)
  • Spatial navigation improvements (VB-28677)
  • Suspend support for Linux 32-bit for Vivaldi 1.10
  • The tab opened from view source in private window acts like a non-private tab (VB-25251)
  • vivaldi:gpu appearing on paste and Esc in the URL field (VB-28264)
  • Windows close button at edge (VB-27361)
  • Updated translations
  • Updated Chromium to 59.0.3071.90
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