Vivaldi 4.3.2439

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Vivaldi est un nouveau navigateur internet basé sur le moteur Blink (le fork de Webkit) et est destiné aux technophiles fâchés avec Google Chrome et ceux qui se sont senti délaissés avec l'abandon d'Opera de son ancien moteur Presto et de ses anciennes fonctionnalités.

Ainsi, les développeurs de Vivaldi vont proposer de retrouver ces anciennes fonctionnalités (client mail, client bitorrent, etc..) au sein d'une seule et même application.

Version actuelle : 4.3.2439
Windows, macOS et Linux

Nouveautés de Vivaldi 4.3 (07/10/2021)
  • [New][Capture] Improve UI for Capture (VB-82126)
  • [New][Chains] Switch to theme by name (VB-81508)
  • [New][Downloads][Panels] UI improvements for download panel details (VB-81160)
  • [New][PWA] Enable PWA support (VB-82920)
  • [New][Privacy] Block idle detection API by default (VB-83244)
  • [New][Sync][Settings] Implement new Sync Settings UI (VB-74368)
  • [New][Translate] Add support for more languages (VB-82864)
  • [Address bar] Paste and go crash in Private Window with chrome URL (VB-82951)
  • [Address bar][Crash] Pressing the key icon in popup’s address bar (VB-80953)
  • [Address bar][Translate] Off screen popup (VB-81096)
  • [Address bar][Translate] The language list in the dropdown is too wide (VB-82900)
  • [Address bar][macOS] Already up to date message appears when no manual check for update has been done (VB-83185)
  • [Bookmarks] Bar extender button clipped outside window in bookmarks bar (VB-63811)
  • [Capture] Clicking the Status/title bar allows moving of window (VB-82880)
  • [Capture][Keyboard] Fullpage with Alt modifier on capture Button (VB-82608)
  • [Chains][Settings] Command button and dragOver styling broken (VB-83015)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 94.0.4606.72
  • [Linux] Update signing keys inside the packages
  • [Linux] XPM files used by the Debian menu system show a very old logo
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 95.0.4638.17-104195
  • [macOS] Window chrome update (VB-83120)
  • [macOS][Keyboard] Can not close developer tools window using keyboard (VB-13452)
  • [Menus][Settings] Command list search fails (VB-82732)
  • [Privacy] “Save Browsing History” set to “Session Only” should also apply to closed tabs/windows (VB-34217)
  • [Quick Commands][Translate] Missing (VB-83386)
  • [Search] Add suggest URL for Neeva (VB-83000)
  • [Tabs] Closing a stack’s popup thumbnail does not remove it from the visual popup (VB-82762)
  • [Tabs] Popup thumbnails arrange horizontally instead of vertically (VB-82946)
  • [Tabs] Selection is incorrect after creating a tab in second level tab stack (VB-83076)
  • [Tabs][Performance] Fewer avoidable re-renders when opening and closing tabs (VB-82798)
  • [User Agent] Add Neeva to list of sites with Vivaldi returned (VB-83305)

Mail, Calendar, FeedReader (Beta)

  • [New][Mail Beta][Calendar Beta] Separate logins for Google accounts from the browser (VB-69098)
  • [New][Mail Beta][Windows][Linux] Add support for Drag and Drop of attachments (VB-76643)
  • [New][Mail Beta] Improve UI for status dialog (VB-82806)
  • [New][Calendar Beta] Show logs in status dialog (VB-82446)
  • [Calendar Beta] Add as CalendarEvent from mail shows garbage URL (VB-79406)
  • [Calendar Beta] Can not delete web calendar (VB-82753)
  • [Calendar Beta] Cannot access all available calendars when the dialog is close to the bottom of the window/screen (VB-82528)
  • [Calendar Beta] Can’t sync Fastmail calendar (VB-77873)
  • [Calendar Beta] Changing default calendar changes some events colors (VB-82563)
  • [Calendar Beta] Changing event timezone to “Use Current Timezone” changes time (VB-83022)
  • [Calendar Beta] Filter out some less useful/ambiguous timezones (VB-83069)
  • [Calendar Beta] Hover tooltip does not show the same time as an event (VB-83019)
  • [Calendar Beta] Improvements in the styling of New Calendar dialog (VB-82879)
  • [Calendar Beta] It should not be possible to set web calendar as default (VB-82721)
  • [Calendar Beta] Name can be saved empty despite the real name (VB-82717)
  • [Calendar Beta] Prevent header scrolling out of view (VB-82401)
  • [Calendar Beta] Recurring all-day task is set at December 31st, 1969 (VB-83164)
  • [Calendar Beta] Show notification for events that happened while the browser was not running (VB-63955)
  • [Calendar Beta] Task created in synced GMail calendar shows one day too early in phone calendar app (VB-82524)
  • [Calendar Beta] Update calendar color in calendar overview (VB-78670)
  • [Calendar Beta][CalDAV] Due date not set on tasks when synced (VB-82821)
  • [Calendar Beta][Linux] Importing ICS fails for some users (VB-83401)
  • [Calendar Beta][Panels] Clicking on ‘Today’ does not scroll and select the first event of today (VB-80246)
  • [Feeds Beta] Subscription dialog appears in wrong windows (VB-82945)
  • [Feeds Beta] Import Feeds from OPML file (VB-83275)
  • [Mail Beta] Linkify address domains with a hyphen in them (VB-82690)
  • [Mail Beta] Make possible to search with from/to/cc emails start with (VB-82699)
  • [Mail Beta] Offline accounts try to connect (VB-82312)
  • [Mail Beta] Put all parts of the saved filter in the search string (VB-82482)
  • [Mail Beta] Query missing in the search field when pressing filters (VB-82680)
  • [Mail Beta] Status popup in status bar partly hidden (VB-83224)
  • [Mail Beta] The count of new unread messages shows unread +1 (VB-80782)
  • [Mail Beta][Crash] Clicking the mail status bar icon sometimes causes Vivaldi to turn grey (VB-83099)
  • [Mail Beta][Menus] Add menus for mail header and mail content (VB-83163)
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