Vivaldi 1.9.818

Vivaldi 1.9.818 pour Windows, macOS et Linux

Vivaldi est une nouveau navigateur internet basé sur le moteur Blink (le fork de Webkit) et est destiné aux technophiles fâchés avec Google Chrome et ceux qui se sont senti délaissés avec l'abandon d'Opera de son ancien moteur Presto et de ses anciennes fonctionnalités.

Ainsi, les développeurs de Vivaldi vont proposer de retrouver ces anciennes fonctionnalités (client mail, client bitorrent, etc..) au sein d'une seule et même application.

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Télécharger Vivaldi 1.9.818 pour Windows, macOS et Linux

Changelog :

Changelog from 1.8 to 1.9

New features

  • [Search Engines] Add Ecosia as a pre-installed search engine
  • [Notes] Implement sorting (VB-27313)
  • [Extensions] Allow changing placement of extension buttons on address bar (VB-13275)
  • [History] Add “Filter by Site” to panel (VB-26799)
  • [Web Panels] Add “Removed Web Panels” to the context menu to access previously removed web panels (VB-26157)



  • [Windows] Close button area shall reach edge of maximized view on Win7/8 (VB-20251)
  • [Mac] Vivaldi often crashes when closing tab (VB-27495)
  • [Linux][Address Field] Focus not in Address Field on startup, when on the start page (VB-26580)

Address field

  • Sometimes the search gets triggered even if “Search in Address Field” is disabled (VB-26604)
  • Hovering over URLs in the drop-down skips entries (VB-26876)
  • Selecting bookmark folder shortcut with mouse in address field does not open in separated tabs (VB-26278)
  • Autocompletion should prefer shorter history item over typed history (VB-27153)
  • Autocompleting can be triggered while deleting a character (VB-27239)
  • Shorter History link should be prioritized over longer Bookmarked URL (VB-27303)
  • Cannot select folder from nickname with arrow keys in address bar dropdown (VB-26433)


  • Page action extension badges do not show up in address bar (VB-26340)
  • Extension button options still not rendering properly – uMatrix (VB-25899)
  • Show extension buttons when hiding toggle control
  • Drag and drop extension can have huge extension badge icons (VB-26540)

Find in Page

  • Needs a Limit for Selected Text (VB-26694)
  • Switching to different tab and back puts selected text in “Find in Page” field (VB-26027)
  • Search query is not selected in dialog (VB-26745)


  • Manager content is not restored (VB-26919)
  • Add support for removing “Discarded User Data” from Clear Private Data dialog (VB-26264)
  • Manager performance improvements (VB-27156)
  • Focus search field isn’t focused by default (VB-27048)


  • Configurable Capture storage folder (VB-26829)
  • Need better behavior when cursor is out of the Vivaldi window (integration with environment) (VB-26256)
  • Capture selection should be modifiable: work is still in progress (VB-27155)

Other changes

  • [Keyboard shortcuts] clash with diacritic composition (VB-26734)
  • [Keyboard shortcuts] settings entry can become hidden (VB-25192)
  • [Quick Commands] One char nicknamed bookmarks not opened directly when match (VB-26776)
  • [Quick Commands] Searching inserts a space at the beginning of the query (VB-26203)
  • [Search Engines] Make Yahoo the default search for most countries
  • [Search Engines] Allow editing a search engine to change it to use “POST” (VB-3414)
  • [Search Field] Home and End buttons work in dropdown (VB-27270)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Indicator changes state when clicked (VB-27273)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Jumps over certain elements (VB-26720)
  • [Themes] Start page + sign color does not change with theme (VB-26845)
  • [Update Notifier] It does not use the configured Vivaldi locale (VB-27426)
  • [Update Notifier] It doesn’t start for system-wide installs (VB-26764)
  • [Gestures] Require minimum length for gesture stroke (VB-26469)
  • [Bookmarks] Improve editor usability: Better handling for Escape and cancelling of actions (VB-26648)
  • [IME] First character typed in input box gets committed without converted to Japanese (VB-24467)
  • Favicons not shown when a page uses ‘link rel=”shortcut icon”‘ (VB-24025)
  • Improve keyboard handling in panels: particularly how Escape is handled (VB-26839)
  • Moving tab in Reading View to a New window causes Reading View icon to disappear (VB-23579)
  • Open History page or bookmark page from middle click on corresponding panel buttons (VB-26266)
  • Opening and closing panels triggers errors and is jerky (VB-26575)
  • Right-positioned tab overlaps Page Actions menu (VB-26272)
  • Added separate setting for spacebar fast forward (VB-27386)
  • Misplaced “Detect Page Title Notifications” item in Settings (VB-26909)
  • Chromecasting Tab is not working correctly (VB-26553)
  • Fast-forward isn’t working on some pages where we would expect it to (VB-27200)
  • Return focus from closed panel (VB-9410)
  • Performance improvements: thanks, WillyYu (VB-26302)
  • Update Chromium to 58.0.3029.82