Dopamine 1.3.0 Stable | bêta

Dopamine 1.3.0 Stable | bêta

À la base créé par un membre du site pour son utilisation personnelle, Dopamine est un lecteur et une bibliothèque musicale qui va à l'essentiel, par définition à mi-chemin entre un iTunes/Winamp et foobar2000, il gère (pour l'instant) 5 formats de fichiers : MP3, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, WMA et le M4A/AAC. Côté visuel, l'apparence est à mi-chemin entre le lecteur Zune de Microsoft et les applications Modern UI de Windows 8.1.

Au téléchargement et à l'utilisation il est très léger malgré qu'il nécessite les .NET Framework 4.6.1 minimum pour fonctionner et est compatible avec Windows 7, 8.1 et 10. Les langues disponible par défaut sont l'anglais, le flamand et le français (l'auteur est belge).

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Changelog Dopamine 1.3.0 (07/07/2017)
Playlist support was rewritten from scratch. Your existing playlists will not be migrated.
Save your playlists to files manually before upgrading to this version. Import your saved
playlists after upgrading to this version.

– [Added] Added a button to export album and song covers to files
– [Added] Added an option to switch between 4 styles of spectrum analyzers
– [Added] Smoother list animations
– [Added] Added extra album sorting option “By date created”
– [Added] Added optional play count, skip count and date last played column to the songs screen
– [Added] Added a context menu option to add the playing song to a playlist
– [Added] Left and right arrow keys allow jumping 5 or 15 seconds backward or forward (Information > help for hotkeys)
– [Added] Added an option to follow the album cover color
– [Added] Added support for local lyrics files (LRC)
– [Added] Added audio device selection
– [Added] Changes to the collection folders are now detected automatically
– [Added] Changes to the Music\Dopamine\Playlists folder are now detected automatically
– [Added] Added NeteaseLyrics support
– [Added] Added XiamiLyrics support
– [Added] Double clicking a playlist queues and plays the songs of that playlist
– [Added] The keyboard space bar now toggles play and pause
– [Changed] Lyrics are not downloaded anymore when the lyrics screen is not visible
– [Changed] When using “Loop one”, pressing Previous or Next now skips to the previous or next song.
– [Changed] Playlists support has been rewritten: playlists are now saved to files automatically.
– [Changed] The ‘Cloud’ screen was renamed to ‘Frequent’ and the layout was changed
– [Changed] The song title on playback info panes now scales to the available width
– [Changed] Updated the Swedish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
– [Changed] Updated the French translation
– [Changed] Updated the Turkish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Bulgarian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Greek translation
– [Changed] Updated the Polish translation
– [Changed] Updated the German translation
– [Changed] Updated the Russian translation
– [Fixed] Automatic install or download button for updates is confusing for some users
– [Fixed] Improved sizing of time indicator on the main window
– [Fixed] A potential crash when trying to figure out the Windows version at startup.
– [Fixed] Blurry context menu, notification window and tooltips at desktop scaling higher as 100%
– [Fixed] Timestamped lyrics for songs longer than 1 hour don’t work
– [Fixed] Audio files which reside on a NAS cannot be played from playlists
– [Fixed] Dopamine process remains active in Task Manager after a crash
– [Fixed] Tray controls are positioned outside of the screen when using desktop scaling > 100%
– [Fixed] Fixed an occasional crash which happened when automatically scrolling to the playing song
– [Fixed] Mini player windows are buggy in Windows 10 tablet mode
– [Fixed] A possible startup crash caused by the tray icon
– [Fixed] A conflict with the search box when changing the volume by pressing – or +
– [Fixed] Tray controls don’t respect the position of the Windows Taskbar.
– [Fixed] Added optional ‘Remove from disk’ option to the song context menu
– [Fixed] Date in the Song Information window is not localized
– [Fixed] WASAPI Exclusive mode plays high pitched sound
– [Fixed] Play next doesn’t work correctly when shuffle is enabled

Changelog Dopamine bêta (27/09/2017)

– [Added] Added a Context Menu option to play (enqueue) selected tracks
– [Added] Added option to use native Windows 10 notifications
– [Added] The artists information screen now shows an image for similar artists
– [Added] Added option to toggle display of song covers in playlists and Now playing
– [Added] Added an external control API (Remote control can be enabled in Settings > Playback > External control).
For developers, see
– [Changed] Updated the German translation
– [Changed] Removed the splash screen
– [Changed] When double clicking files in Windows Explorer, we now start in Mini Player mode
– [Changed] Re-introduced automatic loop when performing shuffled playback. There is now an option to disable it.
– [Fixed] “Unknown artist”, “Unknown album”, “Unknown genre” are not translated
– [Fixed] Fixed multiple issues when removing songs from Now Playing
– [Fixed] Fixed a crash when moving mini players around when the playlist window is opened
– [Fixed] It is possible to scrobble tracks by skipping to the end of the track
– [Fixed] Tracks on the playlists screen are not cleared when the last playlist is deleted
– [Fixed] Unable to type underscore in user field
– [Fixed] Window resizes behind Windows Task bar
– [Fixed] Crash when attempting to jump to albums using key presses

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