Trillian 6.5 (Win, macOS), 6.3 (Linux)

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Trillian est léger, compact, intuitif, multi-protocoles et multi-plateformes incluant la disponibilité de l'application sur les smartphones de 3 des 4 principaux OS du moment. En effet, Trillian est disponible sur Windows, macOS, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) et Android. Côté fonctionnalités, il permet de se connecter aux réseaux AIM, ICQ, IRC, Facebook, Google Talk, XMPP/Jabber et olark et peut se personnaliser grâce à une système de skins et de plug-in qui peuvent ajouter des fonctions comme la visioconférence.

Trillian est disponible en deux versions : l'une gratuite et financée par la pub, l'autre est payante (à raison de 20$/an ou 60$ pour la licence à vie) et dénuée de pub.

Version actuelle : 6.5
Windows, macOS, Linux (6.3), iOS, Android

Changelog Trillian 6.5 build 24 (Windows - 22/08/2022)


  • Logs: Increased logging to determine certain error conditions
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Changelog Trillian 6.5 build 14 (macOS - 13/05/2022)


  • API: Support for Trillian-based URIs within chat windows
  • API: Updated backend to use latest versions of API for email and password changing
  • Calls: Prompt when exiting Trillian and within an active call
  • Calls: Support for policy related to diagnostic rating
  • History: Assets now have a right click menu
  • History: Assets now update date based on when message was sent
  • Logs: Updated diagnostic log format and improved/added/removed some logging
  • Media: Support for Google-based images


  • Backend: Temporary files are now stored in a singular location vs multiple
  • Calls: Better errors and detection for suspended video devices
  • Calls: Buttons should include a better tooltip when disabled within a call
  • Calls: Call tokens may be requested too early
  • Calls: Call tokens may be re-requested too often during error states
  • Calls: Call windows may incorrectly stay after sign out
  • Calls: Ignore events when they are triggered from other devices
  • Calls: Improved muted state to be darker when paused
  • Calls: Incoming video should show preview instead of 'no video' on incoming call after previous call
  • Calls: Microphone errors may erase call state errors incorrectly
  • Calls: Settings may flicker when you load microphone and video settings for the first time
  • Calls: Some backend logging may get removed before rating dialog can be completed
  • Calls: Some backend logging may not store correctly due to folder permissions
  • Chat Window: Chat list may show new message alert longer than needed
  • Chat Window: Improved speed related to multiple GIFs showing in out-of-focus windows
  • Crash: Fixed reported crashes
  • Emoji: Animated emoji may have artificts on M1-based processors
  • History: Assets may ask for an SSL override but not abide by it
  • History: Assets may incorrectly require redownloading within assets panel
  • History: Assets screen will flicker status bar when updating
  • History: Chat incorrectly scrolls when moving between dates
  • History: Double clicking on an asset will load quick preview app
  • History: Improvement with downloading within the assets screen
  • History: May incorrectly show no chats found when chats are found
  • History: Some media may show within assets incorrectly related to link-based media
  • History: Summary screen may show items more than once
  • History: Timestamps should not be copied when copying text
  • Media: File transfer zip files are removed earlier now after transfers complete
  • Media: Fix issue with policy restrictions based on source and type with media transfers
  • Notifications: Fix issue where notification permission request may not appear
  • ScreenCapture: Permission is now requested before capture is done
  • Settings: Fixed issue where settings may save/load too often for account settings and 3rd party chat networks
  • Settings: Fixed some screens which did not follow the Trillian or OS theme
  • Status: Fix for Music app not working with status messages
  • Status: May incorrectly show video based status for music setting
  • UI: Fixed ui-based issues related to older versions of macOS
  • UI: Fixed views and language for some alerts
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