Midori 0.5.11 (Windows) | 8.0 (Linux)

Midori 0.5.11 (Windows) | 8.0 (Linux)

Midori est navigateur très léger sans fioritures que l'on peut trouver uniquement sur les plateformes Linux et Windows depuis peu. Midori est basé sur GTK et intègre le moteur WebKit en son cœur. Il est personnalisable avec des scripts et quelques extensions (un bloqueur de pub en fait partie).

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Télécharger Midori 8.0 (Linux tar.gz) ou 7.0 (Linux Snap)

Changelog Midori 8.0 (28/02/2019)
  • Javascript changes confirmation and prompts use dialogs again
  • Bug fixes in Urlbar completion and focus handling as well as Adblock filtering
  • Headerbar enabled by default only under Budgie, GNOME and Patreon
  • Re-introduced support for --inactivity-reset, -e Fullscreen and -e ZoomIn
  • Initial support for cross-browser web extensions (not exposed in the GUI yet)
  • Builds deps: Glib lowered to 2.46.2, Json-Glib and libarchive are now required
  • Link to the bug tracker from the About dialog
  • Correct handling of external URIs such as apt:
  • Fixed installation path for appdata and plugins
  • Support for building Midori on Android with Gradle
  • Better internal distinction of errors from visiting pages
  • Zoom indicators in the page menu and statusbar features extension
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Changelog Midori 0.5.11 (30/08/2015)
Add fake theme for built-in icons
* Don't truncate long speed dial titles if there's room to display them
Fix warnings for -Wformat-security
Ensure vala knows the prototypes of functions it calls, fixing pointer truncation in tests
Add unit test to check appmenu/menubar visibility
Fix last known GTK2 entry placeholder text bugs
Make sure that only one of appmenu and menubar are visible *initially* as well as when changed
Move adblock icons to hicolor
Limit bookmarks panel callbacks to the lifetime of the panel to fix a crash
Fix fallout (broken bookmarks and history panel search) from tweaks to GTK2 entry placeholder
fix property binding to ensure that exactly one of appmenu button and menubar is always visible
Skip open-with codepath with abp links, they are internal
Use find_file to locate execinfo.h
Fix middle/ctrl/normal clicking bookmarks (not folders) in the bookmarkbar.
Add copright header to sanitize_bar.sh
Adblock fixup: Escape . in filter with \
Don't shadow variable uri in midori_browser_save_uri
Switch Adblock icons to 24px color
Always include app menu in toolbar
Fix various mis[sing ]annotations and style issues in GIR
Compile typelib from gir
Fix assert when resetting webapp state after inactivity reset
clean up handling of double-valued db column in Tabby
Add a comment to explain MidoriBrowser popup callback
fix warnings printed when right-clicking resize grip between location and search entries
Win32: Use Dr. MinGW if present to preserve crash info
Fix menubar warning caused by direct cast instead of `as`
Helper script for setting up bzr with some usefull plugins and settings
Stop using Gtk.Entry.max_width_chars
avoid deprecated SoupServer API with libsoup 2.48
Use unowned in foreach loops in Midori.Window
Use unowned in foreach loops in Midori.Completion
Use unowned with Adblock.Subscription and Element in foreach loops
Use unowned strings in foreach loops
Enable openWith in app mode and make it work with view-new
Implement Midori.Window class with toolbar/ headerbar
Drop support for libsoup-gnome-2.4 < 2.37.1
Make search icons for engines work correctly
Move to WebKit2 4.0 which broke ABI
Port to zeitgeist-2.0
win32: Bump shipped GrayBird theme version to fix some rendering issues
avoid deprecated GtkDialog API with GTK+2 >= 2.22
Title case for "Export Certificate" button
fix incorrect type of MAX(sorting) in Tabby

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