Waterfox Current G3.2.3 | Classic 2021.06

Waterfox G3.2.3

Waterfox est, ce qu'on pourrait appeler, un clone de Firefox créé par des développeurs qui étaient pressés de proposer une version 64 bits à une certaine époque où l’officielle n'existait pas. Depuis, Waterfox existe en deux versions :

  • La "Classic" (bloquée sur une version inférieure à Firefox Quantum 57.0 et supportant les anciennes extensions)
  • La "Current" qui suit les sorties de la dernière version ESR de Firefox.
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Liste d'extensions compatible avec Waterfox Classic

Télécharger Waterfox Current G3.2.3 ou Waterfox Classic 2021.06 (pour Windows, macOS et Linux - 64 bits uniquement)

Notes de version de Waterfox Current G3.2.3 (07/06/2021)


  • Same as G3.2.2

✔ Fixed

  • Resolved an issue where Abyss or Floe would not be set upon restart of the browser.
  • Resolved an issue where language packs were not available on Windows.
  • Resolved an issue where Yahoo! was being set as default search unprompted.

ℹ️ Changed

  • Same as G3.2.2
Notes de versions complètes de Waterfox
Notes de version de Waterfox Classic 2021.06 (04/06/2021)


  • Improvements to CSS image rendering.

✔ Fixed

  • Fixed cosmetic scrollbar issues on Linux and Windows.
  • Fixes for SVG sizing.

ℹ️ Changed

  • Security patches from latest ESR.
  • Portable builds for Classic will no longer be provided. Download the latest here and upgrade using the internal updater to carry on having an up-to-date portable version.

❌ Unresolved

  • Cosmetic scrollbar fixes for MacOS.
  • DRM modules have been updated but no longer seem to work on macOS. If you’d like to watch DRM protected content such as on Netflix, Prime Video, etc. you will need to upgrade to Waterfox G3.