TeamViewer 15.8.3

TeamViewer 15.8.3

TeamViewer est un logiciel d'assistance à distance qui permet de prendre la main sur un PC afin d'y faire diverses tâches de maintenance. Parmi les fonctionnalités, le partage de fichiers et l'impression à distance sont deux fonctions les plus pratiques.

TeamViewer est disponible sur Windows, macOS, Linux et ChromeOS mais aussi Android et iOS, il est gratuit dans le cadre d'une utilisation non-commerciale.

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Changelog TeamViewer 15.8.3 Windows (28/07/2020)


  • Black Screen improvement: The black screen feature now shows an image with the TeamViewer logo on the remote machine.
  • Licensed customers can now opt-out of in-product marketing messages. Important in-product messages like EULA updates will still be received.
  • Improvement in URI handling relating to CVE 2020-13699.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug for TeamViewer Printing which sometimes caused an error during printer driver installation with a result code 80070490.
  • Fixed a bug for File Transfer which navigated to an incorrect folder when typing "C:" into the path field in the File Transfer window.
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Changelog TeamViewer 15.8.3 macOS (28/07/2020)

New Features

  • The black screen feature is now available on macOS! You can now protect the screen content of a remote Mac from being visible to other people while you're connected to it. This can be enabled via the client toolbar during the session. If necessary, a user on the remote side can regain access by pressing [command] + [option] + [esc] while they are logged in to the Mac.
Changelog TeamViewer 15.8.3 Linux (28/07/2020)


  • Improved messaging for black screen: if the black screen was activated on the remote device but can no longer be shown for technical reasons, a message is now displayed for the affected session.

TeamViewer QuickSupport

TeamViewer QuickSupport est un petit logiciel portable qui permettra à un PC de se faire assister à distance par un autre PC utilisant le client principal TeamWiever. L'utilisateur devra ainsi communiquer son login d'accès et son mot de passe (temporaire) pour se faire assister.

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