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Pale Moon est, ce qu'on pourrait appeler, un clone de Firefox créé par des développeurs qui étaient en désaccord avec la feuille de route du navigateur de la fondation Mozilla à l'époque de la mise en place du thème Australis (celui qui ressemble à s'y méprendre à Google Chrome). Afin d'être plus indépendants possible, les développeurs ont également décidé de cloner le moteur de rendu Gecko (et de l'appeler Goanna) afin d'y apporter eux-même les correctifs de sécurité et autres nouveautés tout en gardant l'esprit de "l'ancien" Firefox.

De ce fait, Pale Moon est désormais un navigateur totalement indépendant de Mozilla et suit donc son propre rythme de mise à jour. Pale Moon est disponible sur Windows (à partir de Windows 7) et sur Linux.

Pale Moon
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Notes de version de Pale Moon (28/09/2022)

v31.3.0.1 (2022-09-28)

This is a small update to back out the changes to handling of flex containers in 31.3.0 since it caused severe usability issues on several websites.

v31.3.0 (2022-09-27)

This is a major development, bugfix and security release.


  • Implemented .at(index) JavaScript method on built-in indexables (ArrayStringTypedArray).
  • Implemented the use of EventSource in workers.
  • Enabled the sending of the Origin: header by default on same-origin requests.
  • Changed how Pale Moon is built. We are now using Visual Studio 2022 on Windows, and have made build system changes to reduce build times and pressure on the linker on all platforms.
  • Changed how Pale Moon handles standalone wave audio files (.wav). See implementation notes.
  • Improved string normalization.
  • Updated the handling of CSS "supports" to now accept unparenthesized strings (spec update).
  • Updated the handling of flex containers in web pages for web compatibility.
  • Fixed various issues when building for Mac OS X.
  • Fixed various C++ standard conformance issues in the source code.
  • Fixed several issues building on SunOS and Linux with various configurations and gcc versions.
  • Fixed an issue with regular expressions' dotAll syntax and usage. See implementation notes.
  • Switched custom hash map to std::unordered_map where prudent.
  • Cleaned up and updated IPC thread locking code.
  • Removed spacing for accessibility focus rings in form controls to align styling of them with expected metrics.
  • Removed the unnecessary control module for building with non-standard configurations of the platform.
  • Removed the -moz prefix from min-content and max-content CSS keywords where it was still in use.
  • Security fixes: CVE-2022-40956 and CVE-2022-40958.
  • UXP Mozilla security patch summary: 2 fixed, 11 not applicable.

Implementation notes:

  • Pale Moon would previously send standalone wave audio files (.wav) to the system-configured media player if they would be opened standalone (i.e. not inside a <media> HTML element in a page). This was done due to the historical use of rather exotic codecs in .wav files that would not be broadly supported in the browser. In the current day, however, this is much less of a concern. If you prefer to retain the old behavior and send .wav files to whatever the configured system media player is, then you should set the preference to false in about:config.
  • There was a spec compliance issue with the dotAll regular expression implementation, causing it to not work properly. Specifically, using the new RegExp() constructor would not accept "s" as a flag, and the .dotAll property was not cased properly (all lowercase) causing compatibility issues.
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