Pale Moon 28.6.0 (28.7.0a1 unstable)

Pale Moon 28.6.0

Pale Moon est, ce qu'on pourrait appeler, un clone de Firefox créé par des développeurs qui étaient en désaccord avec la feuille de route du navigateur de la fondation Mozilla à l'époque de la mise en place du thème Australis (celui qui ressemble à s'y méprendre à Google Chrome). Afin d'être plus indépendants possible, les développeurs ont également décidé de cloner le moteur de rendu Gecko (et de l'appeler Goanna) afin d'y apporter eux-même les correctifs de sécurité et autres nouveautés tout en gardant l'esprit de "l'ancien" Firefox.

De ce fait, Pale Moon est désormais un navigateur totalement indépendant de Mozilla et suit donc son propre rythme de mise à jour. Pale Moon est disponible sur Windows (à partir de Vista) et sur Linux.

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Notes de version de Pale Moon 28.6.0 (02/07/2019)


  • Implemented String.prototype.trimStart and String.prototype.trimEnd (ES2019)
  • Implemented Array.prototype.flat and Array.prototype.flatMap (ES2019)
  • Implemented Symbol.prototype.description (ES2019)
  • Added support for gzip-compressed SVG-in-Opentype fonts.
  • Updated official branding.
  • Updated reader view components.
  • Added a preference to control the setting of cookies through meta header information (non-standard feature) and disabled by default.
  • Updated ES6 Atomics and re-enabled them.
  • Updated internationalization code to support updated time zones and the Japanese Reiwa era.
  • Updated NSS to a custom version to have better encryption strength for master passwords.
    IMPORTANT: To use this strong encryption and re-key the password database with it, change your master password (can be changed to the same one you already had if desired, but you have to go through the change password process). Depending on your computer and the number of stored passwords, this encryption update may take some time, so please be patient. Please be aware that once re-keyed, the password store will be locked to the new encryption and will no longer be accessible with the master password in older versions of Pale Moon.
  • Restored "Release notes" in the help menu.
  • Rearchitectured the application/extension update code.
  • Added several performance improvements to DOM and the parser.
  • Improved JavaScript garbage collection of dead compartments.
  • Fixed a performance issue with painting on some pages.
  • Improved performance of some websites with complex event regions.
  • Fixed a potential performance issue in display lists on some pages.
  • Fixed a rendering bottleneck for the use of XRender when using a remote session.
  • Fixed graphical artifacts/flickering when using XRender on Intel or Intel-hybrid GPU setups.
  • Added a DiD fix for potential future issues with inlining array natives.
  • Fixed a potential UAF situation in the HTML5 parser (DiD)
  • Fixed an origin-clean bypass issue.
  • Changed the way permissions for predefined sites are loaded.
  • Reverted the 28.5.1 change to treat *.jnlp files as executables (CVE-2019-11696) after input from an Oracle representative. Java Web Start files are not executable and should not be treated any different than regular documents handled by external applications.
  • Removed SecurityUI telemetry.
  • Removed some other dead telemetry code.
  • Removed geo-specific selection of default search engines.
  • Deprecated the use of FUEL.
  • Removed the unused code for "enhanced tiles" in the new tab page.
  • Removed preference to brute-force e10s to on.
  • Removed Unboxed Array code.
  • Removed Unboxed Object code.
  • Fixed failure to print if a page contains a 0-sized <canvas> element.
  • Fixed an issue with tab-modal dialogs being presented in the wrong order.
  • Fixed an issue with the tab bar remaining collapsed in customize mode if normally hidden.
  • Fixed an issue with Sync when choosing to overwrite data with synced data.
  • Fixed an issue with tab previews on the taskbar.
  • Fixed an issue with IntersectionObserver viewport accuracy.
  • Fixed Scroll bar orientation on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed an issue with anchor/link targets not re-using a named target.
  • Fixed a build issue with Gnu-CC on PPC64.
  • Fixed functionality.
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Versions en cours de développement :
Pale Moon unstable (28.7.0a1)

Version en cours de développement du navigateur, il y aura quelques instabilités à prévoir mais rien de vraiment gênant.

Notes de version de Pale Moon unstable

Pale Moon 28.7.0a1 : Windows 32 bits/64 bits/portable - Linux