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AIMP est un lecteur de musique d'origine russe que l'on pourrait presque appeler "clone de Winamp 2". A l'instar de l'ancêtre du lecteur multimédia, AIMP sait lire toute sorte de fichiers, radios en streaming (via le site shoutcast).
Il possède une bibliothèque complète et bien présentée, un convertisseur de formats et... un éditeur de tags (avec pochettes).

Version actuelle : 5.00.2334

Changelog AIMP 5.00.2334 (13/10/2021)
  • Audio Converter: the "file folder" command has been added
  • Audio converter: added support for WMA Pro codec
  • Audio converter: an ability to normalize volume level during conversion process
  • Audio converter: sound notification on end of conversion has been added (optional)
  • Audio converter: the "target file name" column has been added
  • Bookmarks: an ability to filter / group bookmarks by name, creation date, source, duration, file sizeBookmarks: an ability to ignore bookmark position on start the playback
  • Bookmarks: has been moved to music library
  • Bookmarks: support for custom labels and comments
  • Bookmarks: support for multiple bookmarks editing
  • Bookmarks: the "Find in source" command has been added
  • Common: BASS libraries has been updated
  • Common: localizations has been updated
  • Default skin: an ability to hide music library and playlist panes
  • General: album arts - added the "find in file tags" option
  • General: lyrics - added the "find in file tags" option
  • General: new designGeneral: performance has been increased
  • General: support for Windows 11General: 3rd party libraries has been updated
  • General: localizations has been updated
  • General: support for horizontal scrolling via touch pad
  • Music library: the "Find in music library" command now supports plugin-based data sources
  • Player: the "Exit" command has been added to command list of tray icon
  • Playlist: added an ability to sort the playlist automatically after adding new files / updating metadata
  • Playlist: added the "Each playlist has its own playback mode (normal / shuffle)" option
  • Playlist: the "find missed files" function has been added
  • Playlist: an ability to specify name depth as argument for the %FileDir and %FileParentDir macros
  • Plugins: MyClouds - support for changes in API of service
  • Plugins: - has been replaced by the Scrobbler plugin
  • Plugins: scheduler - an ability to repeat task every day / week / month / year
  • Plugins: scheduler - an ability to repeat task throughout day
  • Plugins: scheduler - an ability to wait to playing file to finish
  • Plugins: scheduler - new action: jump to next track
  • Plugins: scheduler - new action: resume the playback
  • Plugins: scheduler - new action: return to previous state after playing specified number of tracks / playlist
  • Plugins: scheduler - new action: start / stop radio recording
  • Plugins: scheduler - new action: suspend the playback
  • Plugins: scheduler - support for unlimited number of tasks
  • Plugins: scrobbler - an ability to display information about artist
  • Plugins: scrobbler - integration to default skinPlugins: scrobbler - support for and services
  • Plugins: BASS_MIDI - now an error will occurs on attempt to play midi file if no one sound font is loaded
  • Plugins: podcasts - album arts are now displaying in music library
  • Plugins: podcasts - the "audio format" column has been added
  • Skin Engine: support for opentype fonts
  • Skin engine: improved performance
  • Skin engine: potential abilities has been extended
  • Skin engine: compatibility with old skins has been improved
  • Skin engine: potential abilities has been extended
  • Smart-playlists: general - additional conditions for date-time fields
  • Smart-playlists: music library - an ability to pre-sort content using few columns
  • Sound engine: equalizer now contains 20 bands - the 43 Hz and 22 kHz bands has been added
  • Tag Editor: UI - tag fields now are auto-adjusts their width according available space automatically
  • Tag Editor: added an ability to view values from unsupported tag fields / remove it
  • Tag Editor: new tool - chapters creator
  • Tag editor: support for folders pinned to "quick access" in Windows Explorer (Windows 10)
  • Fixed: audio converter - progress of single tracks hangs on 99% if the all/folder to one mode is active
  • Fixed: general - inverted scrolling of the list during drag-n-drop operations
  • Fixed: installer - no way to install the app to network path
  • Fixed: player - import files from external apps settings are ignored if files has been drop to main window
  • Fixed: playlist - audio files from the MusicBee app cannot be imported to the player via drag-n-drop
  • Fixed: playlist - the shuffle mode is not applied to newly created playlist if the "each playlist has own playback mode" option is switched off
  • Fixed: plugins - InputFFmpeg - files in Web Media file format with a .weba extension are ignored by the plugin
  • Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - access token was not updated automatically during long playlist playback
  • Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - files from cannot be played (regression)
  • Fixed: plugins - SACD - the replay gain information is ignored
  • Fixed: plugins - podcasts - database from AIMP4 cannot be upgraded to new version, if the URLAudio field has duplicated values
  • Fixed: plugins - visualizations - peak-based visualizations does not work (regression)
  • Fixed: skin engine - transparency mask ignores on import the skins in ACS3 / ACS2 file formats (regression
  • )Fixed: sound engine - ASIO - invoking the settings dialog leads app to freezing if device is inaccessible
  • Fixed: tag editor - FLAC - app does not save values of the AlbumArtist / DiskTotal / TrackTotal tag fields (regression)
  • Fixed: tag editor - app not start on Windows 7 (regression)
  • Fixed: tag editor - template that starts from "[" character cannot be saved to configuration file
  • Fixed: volume control panel - looks incorrect in night mode
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