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AIMP est un lecteur de musique d'origine russe que l'on pourrait presque appeler "clone de Winamp 2". A l'instar de l'ancêtre du lecteur multimédia, AIMP sait lire toute sorte de fichiers, radios en streaming (via le site shoutcast).
Il possède une bibliothèque complète et bien présentée, un convertisseur de formats et... un éditeur de tags (avec pochettes).

Version actuelle : 5.01.2358

Changelog AIMP 5.01.2358 (28/12/2021)
  • General: chapters and bookmarks now displays on a seekbar
  • General: migration to new version of VCL
  • Plugins: Update Checker - an ability to update to nightly builds (available in the "development versions" channel only)
  • Plugins: - reduced number of requests to the service
  • Plugins: scheduler - the "return to previous playlist" command now can restore playback position too
  • Queue manager: double-click on track will focus it in the playlist
  • Skin engine: compatibility with old skins has been improved
  • Skin engine: potential abilities has been extended
  • Tag editor: state of the "Quick Access" node now stores between different work sessions
  • Fixed: audio converter - no split by chapters (regression)
  • Fixed: default skin - no wiki information about playing track if playback is paused
  • Fixed: player - no album art is displayed for internet radio tracks if album is not specified (regression)
  • Fixed: scheduler - timestamps stores to configuration file in locale-depended format
  • Fixed: skin engine - minor issues were fixed
  • Fixed: skin engine - syntax error in expression interrupts skin loading
  • Fixed: tag editor - FLAC - app uses Description tag field instead of Comment tag field
  • Fixed: tag editor - ID3v2 - chapters with an empty title leads to corrupted tag field
  • Fixed: tag editor - online search - discogs - album artist is used instead of track artist
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