Microsoft Edge 90.0 (90.0 Bêta, 91.0 Dev & Canary) [Windows, macOS, Linux]

Microsoft Edge 90.0.818

Après avoir intégré Microsoft Edge au sein de Windows 10 sous forme de WindowsApps, Microsoft revient à la bonne vieille application classique (Win32 pour les intimes) et interopérable. En effet, le navigateur se transforme et abandonne le moteur maison pour embrasser Chromium.

Cela permet à Microsoft de proposer un clone de Chrome mais accentue son combat pour protéger la vie privée de son utilisateur en proposant un anti-traqueur en natif. Naturellement, toutes les fonctions de l'ancien Edge sont disponible avec cette nouvelle mouture (synchronisation sur le compte Microsoft, extensions, etc...).

A noter qu'à partir de la version 94.0, le navigateur adoptera un cycle de sortie ramené à 4 semaines au lieu de 6 semaines…

Compatible Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server, macOS et Linux (canal Dev en DEB ou RPM)
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Notes de version de Microsoft Edge 90.0 (15/04/2021)

Feature updates

  • Single Sign On (SSO) is now available for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) accounts and Microsoft Account (MSA) on macOS. A user signed in on Microsoft Edge on macOS will now get automatically signed into websites that are configured to allow single sign on with Work and Microsoft accounts (for example,,,, and
  • Kiosk mode. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 90, we have locked down the UI print settings to only allow the configured printers and “Print to PDF” options. We have also done improvements within the assigned access single app kiosk mode to restrict the launch of other applications from the browser. For more information about the kiosk mode features please go here.
  • Printing:
    • New print rasterization mode for non-PostScript printers. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 90, Admins can use a new policy to define print rasterization mode for their users. This policy controls how Microsoft Edge prints to non-PostScript printers on Windows. Sometimes print jobs on non-PostScript printers need to be rasterized to print correctly. The print options are Full and Fast.
    • Additional page scaling options for printing. Users are now able to customize scaling while printing webpages and PDF documents using additional options. The "Fit to Page" option ensures that the webpage or document is fit into the space available in the selected "Paper size" for printing. The "Actual size" option ensures that there are no changes in the size of the contents being printed regardless of the selected "Paper size".
  • Productivity:
    • Autofill suggestions are extended to include address fields content from clipboard. Clipboard content is parsed when you click on a profile/address field (for example, phone, email, zip code, city, state, etc.) to show as autofill suggestions.
    • Users can search for autofill suggestions even if a form or field isn’t detected. Today if you have your information saved on Microsoft Edge, autofill suggestions pop up automatically and help you save time while filling out forms. In cases where autofill misses a form, or if you want to fetch data in forms that don't typically have autofill (like temporary forms), you can search for your information use autofill.
  • Access downloads from a flyout in the menu bar. Downloads will appear in the top-right corner with all the active downloads in one place. This menu is easily dismissible so users can continue browsing uninterrupted, and they can monitor overall download progress right from the toolbar. Learn more.
  • Improvements to font rendering. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 90, we made improvements to the rendering of text to improve clarity and reduce blurriness. Part of the font rendering improvements will land in Beta version 90 but are disabled by default.
  • Kids mode. We have updated the policy so that when the policy is enabled, it will disable the Kid Mode feature in addition to family safety. More about Kids Mode here
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Mises à jour toutes les 6 semaines
Version actuelle : 90.0 - Notes de version
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Microsoft Edge "Insider" Dev
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Version actuelle : 91.0
[🇫🇷] Windows : 64 bits & Server, 10X, macOS Intel/ARM64 ou Linux DEB/RPM

Microsoft Edge "Insider" Canary
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Version actuelle : 91.0
[🇫🇷] Windows : 32 bits, 64 bits & Server, 10X ou macOS : Intel/ARM64

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