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Tout comme son "concurrent" 7-Zip, PeaZip est un logiciel de compression/décompression de fichiers open source et totalement gratuit. Grâce à son interface moderne et traduit en plusieurs langues (dont le français), il vous permettra d'archiver vos fichiers dans une multitudes de formats.

Dans le domaine de la compression/décompression, le logiciel gère les formats suivants : 7z, 7z-SFX, ARC/WRC, Bzip2/TBZ, Gzip/TGZ, PAQ8F/JD/L/O, LPAQ, ZPAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, split (.001), Tar, WIM, XZ et ZIP.

Côté décompressions seule, ce sont les formats suivants : ARJ, CAB, CHM, fichiers composites (MSI, DOC, PPT, XLS...), CPIO, DEB, EAR, ISO CD/DVD, JAR, LZMA, LZH, installateurs NSIS, fichiers OpenOffice / LibreOffice, PET/PUP (installateurs Puppy Linux), PAK/PK3/PK4, RAR, RPM, SMZIP, U3P, WAR, WIM, XPI, Z, ZIPX

Il peut également chiffrer vos archives en AES-256 et créer des archives auto-extractibles.

PeaZip est disponible en 32 et 64 bits et compatible Windows 2000 à Windows 11 ainsi que ReactOS et Wine sans oublier Linux.

Version actuelle : 9.4.0 - GitHub
Windows 64 bits - 32 bits - Portable (32/64 bits) | macOS | Linux/BSD

Nouveautés de PeaZip 9.4.0 (19/08/2023)


  • Pea 1.14


  • Expanded and re-organized (peazip)/res/share/batch directory with scripting and system integration examples
    • New sample scripts and system integration items are now available for directly creating archives in main supported formats, and for adding/removing comments to archive
    • Scripts are now sorted in "bat" and "sh" subfolders
    • Windows Sendto links and .reg files for context menu entries are now collected in "Windows" subfolder


  • Added support to Apple iWork IWA file formats, .numbers, .pages, .key (Keynote)
  • When "Try to open archives with errors" flag is set, errors are suppressed only for listing operations, so the app can now display error messages when previewing a file (e.g. wrong password)


  • Added pre-set split size for Blu-Ray DL, XL3, XL4
  • Added function to add, edit, remove archive-level comment in RAR and ZIP/ZIPX files
    • Keyboard shortcut for comment editor is Alt+M
    • Comment can be set for the archive being browsed, or for one or multiple archives at once (even of mixed types), in this case the same comment is set for all the selected archives
    • Comment can be manually edited or loaded from text file (selected from dialog or dragged on the form), and can be saved to text file for future use
    • Comment con contain UTF8 characters and are limited to 64 KB for all formats (RAR standard would allow 256KB comments but some Rar.exe versions does not support 64K+ comments), please note some other archive managers may not support UTF8 comments, or such large comments
    • RAR comments limitations
      • Writing comments to RAR archive requires Rar.exe or equivalent installed on the system, reading comments does not require Rar.exe
      • Cannot currently read comment from multi volume RAR archives, and from legacy RAR4 archives (but new comment can be written)
    •  ZIP/ZIPX comments limitations
      • Consistently with 7-Zip and WinRar, comments are not supported for spanned multi-volumes ZIP/ZIPX archives
    •  It is possible to set comment from command line scripts with following syntax:
      •  peazip -setcomment commentstring archive1..n
         peazip -setcommentf commentfile archive1..n
         peazip -removecomment archive1..n
  • New switches to directly add files and folders to Brotli, BZip2, GZip, TAR, WIM, XZ, Zstd, and Zpaq format archive, with latest options saved for selected format
    • Directly add files and folders to archive in the specified format, with latest options used for that format (-add2zpaq switch sets last used *PAQ format), TAR is automatically applied when folders and/or multiple files are sent to formats which supports single file compression (Brotli, BZip2, Gzip, XZ, Zstd)
    • Syntax: peazip (-add2brotli -add2bzip2 -add2gzip -add2tar -add2wim -add2xz -add2zstd -add2zpaq) file1..n
    • If no input file or folder is provided after the switch, the archive creation screen remains open for input
    • The switches can be used in scripts, and for system integration (links, .desktop files, Automator scripts)
    • Same switches in -add2multi* form can be used to integration with Windows registry


  • (Windows) Add to GZ, XZ, and Zstd are now available as choices in Context menu entries screen
  • (Windows) A single re-configuration wizard now works for Win32 and Win64 packages  
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