PeaZip 7.8.0

PeaZip 7.8.0

Tout comme son "concurrent" 7-Zip, PeaZip est un logiciel de compression/décompression de fichiers open source et totalement gratuit. Grâce à son interface moderne et traduit en plusieurs langues (dont le français), il vous permettra d'archiver vos fichiers dans une multitudes de formats.

Dans le domaine de la compression/décompression, le logiciel gère les formats suivants : 7z, 7z-SFX, ARC/WRC, Bzip2/TBZ, Gzip/TGZ, PAQ8F/JD/L/O, LPAQ, ZPAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, split (.001), Tar, WIM, XZ et ZIP.

Côté décompressions seule, ce sont les formats suivants : ARJ, CAB, CHM, fichiers composites (MSI, DOC, PPT, XLS...), CPIO, DEB, EAR, ISO CD/DVD, JAR, LZMA, LZH, installateurs NSIS, fichiers OpenOffice / LibreOffice, PET/PUP (installateurs Puppy Linux), PAK/PK3/PK4, RAR, RPM, SMZIP, U3P, WAR, WIM, XPI, Z, ZIPX

Il peut également chiffrer vos archives en AES-256 et créer des archives auto-extractibles.

PeaZip est disponible en 32 et 64 bits et compatible Windows 2000 à Windows 10 ainsi que ReactOS et Wine sans oublier Linux.

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Télécharger PeaZip 7.8.0 pour Windows 64 bits | 32 bits | Portable (32/64 bits)
Télécharger PeaZip 7.8.0 pour Linux/BSD

Nouveautés de PeaZip 7.8.0 (21/03/2021)


  • PEA 0.77


  • (Linux) Alternative Qt5 build is now available as portable package
  • If a setting requires to restart PeaZip (localization, system integration, change work folder) it is told in the hint text for the item
  • Various fixes and improvements


  • (Windows) Drag&drop now allows to drag-extract files directly to other applications, previoulsy it was possible to drag-extract to the system only
  • Righclicking an element on the breadcrumb it is now possible to use context menu functions on it - e.g. display properties, open the path in system's file explorer, open command prompt here, etc


  • Interactive extraction option (checked by default on Windows) enables two-step extraction for all archive types supported through 7z/p7zip: content is extracted to a fresh folder and then moved to actual output destination with standard system's calls.
    • When interactive extraction is used, all unneeded levels of directory nesting are removed, and conflicts with existing files are prompted interactively to user.
    • Unchecking the option, it is possible to perform single-step extraction as in previous versions, with policy based directives to resolve naming conflicts without needing user interaction (recommended when creating scripts).
  • It is now possible to set custom extensions for "Extract everything for" in Options > Settings > Archive manager, Extract group
  • It is now possible to replace archive extension with a custom extension from archiving screen, Advanced tab
    • In res/presets/custom directory are provided some pre built compression settings for comic book archive formats which uses the new custom extension feature
  • Priority for archiving and extraction tasks can now be permanently set from Options > Settings > General, Tasks priority
    (Windows 7+) Global progress is shown in application's icon in taskbar
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