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Tout comme son "concurrent" 7-Zip, PeaZip est un logiciel de compression/décompression de fichiers open source et totalement gratuit. Grâce à son interface moderne et traduit en plusieurs langues (dont le français), il vous permettra d'archiver vos fichiers dans une multitudes de formats.

Dans le domaine de la compression/décompression, le logiciel gère les formats suivants : 7z, 7z-SFX, ARC/WRC, Bzip2/TBZ, Gzip/TGZ, PAQ8F/JD/L/O, LPAQ, ZPAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, split (.001), Tar, WIM, XZ et ZIP.

Côté décompressions seule, ce sont les formats suivants : ARJ, CAB, CHM, fichiers composites (MSI, DOC, PPT, XLS...), CPIO, DEB, EAR, ISO CD/DVD, JAR, LZMA, LZH, installateurs NSIS, fichiers OpenOffice / LibreOffice, PET/PUP (installateurs Puppy Linux), PAK/PK3/PK4, RAR, RPM, SMZIP, U3P, WAR, WIM, XPI, Z, ZIPX

Il peut également chiffrer vos archives en AES-256 et créer des archives auto-extractibles.

PeaZip est disponible en 32 et 64 bits et compatible Windows 2000 à Windows 11 ainsi que ReactOS et Wine sans oublier Linux.

Version actuelle : 8.9.0
Windows 64 bits - 32 bits - Portable (32/64 bits) | macOS | Linux/BSD

Nouveautés de PeaZip 8.9.0 (08/10/2022)


  • Pea 1.10


  • Password Manager is now re-set only from Options > Settings > Privacy, Reset Password Manager link
  • Various fixes and improvements
    • (Linux) correctly displays folder size inside ZIP archives if applicable
    • (macOS) tool bar toggling is not needed and it is now disabled
    • Cleanup of legacy code
    • Improved performances and memory management for browsing archives
    • Improved opening folders after task completition
      • Improved detecting root extraction directory
      • Archive conversion procedure now opens target directory only once, after final compression step
    • Task window can now show temporary extraction work path (if applicable) from context menu right-clicking on input and output links


  • Added progress bar while opening archive files supported through 7z backend; progress indicator is not visible when archive pre-browsing is disabled in Options > Settings > General, Performance group
  • Improved Clipboard panel, can now display size and modification date of items
  • Improved quick navigation menu (on the left of the Address bar)
    • Can now set password/keyfile, and display if a password is set
    • Can now display info on current archive / selection / clipboard content duplicating function of staus bar (so hiding status bar is now a more viable option); the new Info entry is also featured in main menu, Navigation group
    • Can now toggle bookmarks, history, and clipboard views in the Status bar
  • Improved Style button
    • Right-clicking Style shows main menu as context menu
    • Settings is now reachable from Style button in Tool / Address bar
  • Updated theming engine
    • Address bar color can now be changed separately from Address field color
    • Tab bar color has now more options
    • Improved existing Themes to take advantage of the new options
    • Updated Tuxedo theme
    • New Droid theme


  • (Linux, macOS) Changed default working directory to output path, as more consistent with behavior of similar applications on non-Windows systems
  • Added context menu entry for "Add to separate archives" action, shown when applicable in file browser screen
  • Improved archiving and extraction context menu, to make easier to add files and folders (or open search) from bookmarks abd history items
  • Improved test after archiving
    • Empty archives are reported as warnings
    • It is now possible to set the sequence of tasks to stop for auto-test results (otherwise it will stop only in case of error) from Options > Settings > Advanced
  • More information is available clicking status bar string in archive creation and extraction screens : task type details, temp work path (if applicable), input zise, output path with total size and free space


  • (Windows) MSI installer is no longer featured
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