foobar2000 1.4.3

foobar2000 1.4.3

foobar2000 est un lecteur de musique petit mais costaud, sous son interface vieillotte se cache un caméléon qui peut devenir aussi complet qu'un Winamp ou un iTunes et grâce à ses plug-ins vous pourrez lui ajouter toutes les fonctions qui vous plairont.

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Changelog foobar2000 1.4.3 (12/03/2019)
  • Fixed disappearing metadata and playlist content corruption with certain internet radio playlists.
  • Fixed high CPU usage with read-ahead options active.
  • Converter: Fixed broken save-as dialog with | character in encoder names.
  • Made foo_ui_std.dll & foo_input_std.dll report version number of the foobar2000 release that they came with, as some people seem to mix binaries from different releases then run into issues.
  • Made possible to fall back to another decoder with WMA files that standard WMA decoder doesn't accept.
  • Fixed disappearing & appearing 'version' file in library configuration folder.
  • Updated FFmpeg to 3.4.5.
  • Fixed certain AIFF files not playing (beta 2).
  • Restored foobar2000 version number in HTTP user-agent string (beta 2).
  • Added an option to force HTTP CONNECT with proxy servers (beta 2).
  • Fixed 1.4 regression causing odd behaviors when the currently playing track is removed from playlist (beta 2).
  • Fixed 1.4 regression causing certain combinations of shuffle and playlist operations to crash (beta 2).
  • Fixed 1.4 regression with missing HTTP host field in proxy server requests (beta 3, beta 5).
  • Fixed a bug causing random crashes when decoding Vorbis (possibly also MP3 and AAC) due to bad parameters fed to FFmpeg (beta 4).
  • Converter: Made malformed UTF-8 in source file tags no longer cause conversion to FLAC to fail (beta 5).
  • Fixed ReplayGain alter file content crash (final).
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Future Version :
foobar2000 mobile (application universelle Windows 10)

Petite surprise qui est apparu sur le Windows Store le 30 Avril 2016, l'application universelle de foobar2000 est disponible pour Windows 10 (PC et Mobile).

Pour l'instant, l'interface est à l'instar de la version bureau... très dépouillée mais parfaitement fonctionnelle.

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