Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 RC1

La nouvelle équipe de développeurs de Thunderbird ayant pour nom Mozilla Messaging vient d'annoncer la disponibilité immédiate de la première Release Candidate de la version 3.0 du logiciel de messagerie électronique.

On pourra donc noter le remaniement de l'interface du logiciel, utilisant les onglets et les dossiers virtuels (modifiable pour revenir à l'ancienne présentation), Thunderbird propose de nouveaux outils de recherche de mails, un nouvel assistant de création de compte, un meilleure intégration des comptes GMail, un carnet d'adresse amélioré et de meilleure performance pour les comptes IMAP.

Le reste des nouveautés est disponible dans le changelog plus bas.

Consulter les notes de version de Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 RC1

Télécharger Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 RC1 pour Windows 2000 et supérieur
Télécharger Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 RC1 pour MacOS X 10.4 et supérieur
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What's New in Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird 3 is based on the Gecko platform including some major re-architecting to provide improved performance, stability, web compatibility, and code simplification and sustainability.

There are over 100 changes in this release, many laying the groundwork for future changes. Some notable changes include:

New Search with Advanced Filtering Tools

  • New Search with Advanced Filtering ToolsSearch results now include advanced filtering tools. You have the option to filter your results by sender, tag, attachments, people, folder, and mailing list. You can also filter your email using the timeline tool.
  • New Global Search Field with AutocompleteWhen typing in the Global Search field, Thunderbird autocompletes against your address book. You have the option of searching everywhere or filtering against different parts of the email such as by subject or by sender.

User Experience Improvements

  • New Mail Account Setup WizardThe new Mail Account Setup Wizard matches against a database of email settings from popular mail providers so that you will only need to provide your name, email, and password to set up new mail accounts.
  • Redesigned Mail ToolbarThe Mail Toolbar is redesigned to include the new Global Search bar. Buttons such as reply, forward, delete, junk are part of each email message. You can add those buttons back to the main toolbar by customizing the toolbar.
  • Tabbed Email MessagesDouble-clicking or hitting enter on a mail message will now open that message in a New Tab window. Middle-clicking on messages or folders will open them in a Tab in the background. When quitting Thunderbird, visible tabs will be saved and will be restored when you open Thunderbird the next time. There is also a new Tab menu on the Tab toolbar to help you switch between Tabs.
  • Smart FoldersThe folder pane offers a Smart Folders mode which combines special mailboxes, like Inbox, from multiple accounts. Smart Folders is now on by default.
  • New Message Summary ViewSelecting multiple messages will give you a summary view of the emails you have selected.
  • Column HeadingsThe column headings that are displayed and the order in which they are displayed can now be set on a per-folder basis.
  • Message ArchiveYou can now file messages from your Inbox or other folders into the new Archive folder system.
  • Activity ManagerThe Activity Manager records all the interactions between Thunderbird and your email provider in one place.
  • New Add-ons ManagerThe new Add-ons Manager (Tools > Add-ons) can now be used to find, download, and install Thunderbird Add-ons which includes Extensions, Themes, and Plugins. Note that few Add-ons are compatible with this beta at the time of release, as Add-on developers need to upgrade them.
  • Improved Address BookIf someone is in your address book, it is indicated by a new star icon which you can click to edit contact details inline. If they are not in your address book, you can add them with one click of the icon. A new birthday field allows you to keep track of your friends' birthdays. You can also add a photo for contacts in your address book.
  • Improved Gmail IntegrationBetter recognition and integration of Gmail's special folders such as Sent and Trash including non-English versions of Gmail. Thunderbird also uses All Mail as the Archives folder.
  • For Windows Vista users, Thunderbird 3 is now integrated with Vista search results. On first start, Thunderbird will prompt to install its indexing system into Windows Vista and you can choose to see Thunderbird email and news messages in Windows search results.
  • For Mac users, Thunderbird 3 is now integrated with Spotlight, can import from, read your OS X address book, and use Growl for new mail alerts.

Performance Improvements

  • IMAP Folder Synchronization

Thunderbird will download IMAP messages by default in the background to allow for faster message loading and better offline operation. This feature can be enabled on an individual folder basis via Folder properties, or for all folders in an account via Account Settings / 'Synchronize & Storage'.

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