Mozilla Firefox 110.0.1

Une nouvelle mouture du navigateur Firefox est arrivée. Pour cette version 110, c'est l'amélioration des performances qui est mise en avant.

En effet, Canvas2D et WebGL ont le droit d'avoir un petit boost de performances grâce à sa prise en charge de façon matérielle, pour le premier, sur macOS/Linux et grâce à quelques résolutions de bugs pour le second, et ce, sur les trois systèmes.

Sur Windows, on pourra ajouter que le processus gérant l'accélération graphique est désormais protégé dans un bac à sable (sandbox).

Pour les améliorations de confort, il sera désormais possible d'importer ses favoris depuis Opera et Opera GX ainsi que Vivaldi.

Voici la liste complète des modifications par rapport à la version précédente :

Nouveautés de Firefox 110.0.1 (28/02/2023)


  • Fixed clearing recent cookies clears all cookies (bug 1816279).
  • Fixed a bug causing the context menu to sometimes display on the background of other Firefox UI elements instead of the foreground on macOS (bug 1763990).
  • Fixed Manage bookmarks link on empty bookmarks toolbar not responding to clicks on Windows (bug 1812636).
  • Fixed WebGL crashes on Linux when ran inside a VMWare virtual machine (bug 1807942).
  • Fixed a bug with CSP serialization causing bugs with the MitID Digital ID in Denmark (Bug 1819096).

Consulter les notes de version de Mozilla Firefox 110.0.1

Nouveautés de Firefox 110.0 (14/02/2023)


  • It's now possible to import bookmarks, history and passwords not only from Edge, Chrome or Safari but also from Opera, Opera GX, and Vivaldi for all the folks who want to move over to Firefox instead!
  • GPU sandboxing has been enabled on Windows.Note: A bug in the popular X-Mouse Button Control (XMBC) tool may cause mouse wheel scrolling to stop working. The author(s) are working on an update. Meanwhile, scrolling can be restored by reconfiguring XMBC: either disable the Make scroll wheel scroll window under cursor option in the global settings, or enable the Disable scroll window under cursor option if using a custom profile for Firefox.
  • On Windows, third-party modules can now be blocked from injecting themselves into Firefox, which can be helpful if they are causing crashes or other undesirable behavior.
  • Datetime, and datetime-local input fields can now be cleared with Cmd+Backspace and Cmd+Delete shortcut on macOS and Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Delete on Windows and Linux.
  • GPU-accelerated Canvas2D is enabled by default on macOS and Linux.
  • WebGL performance improvement on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • Enables overlay of hardware-decoded video with non-Intel GPUs on Windows 10/11, improving video playback performance and video scaling quality.



  • Colorways are no longer available in Firefox, at least not in the same way. You can still access your saved and active Colorways by selecting Add-ons and themes from the Firefox menu. Additionally, you can now install Colorways from all of the previous collections by visiting Colorways by Firefox on the Mozilla Add-ons website.



Web Platform

  • Firefox now supports CSS named pages, allowing web pages to perform per-page layout and add page-breaks in a declarative manner when printing.
  • Firefox now supports CSS size container queries, see the MDN page for documentation on this feature.

Consulter les notes de version de Mozilla Firefox 110.0

Mozilla Firefox
Version : 110.0.1
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