Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Alpha 3

2 semaines après la sortie de l'alpha 2, Mozilla nous offre une nouvelle "Developer Preview", une alpha 3 numérotée 3.7 comme ses prédécesseurs. Au programme, amélioration de performances, implémentation de Direct2D/DirectWrite (désactivé par défaut) et une stabilisation de la gestion multi-processus pour les plug-ins.

Voici d'ailleurs en résumé, toutes les nouveautés :

New Features and Changes

Gecko 1.9.3 alpha introduces new features which can be tested by using this Mozilla Developer Preview. Many of these features are still in development, and while they will likely appear in some future version of Mozilla Firefox, some may be in earlier releases than others.

Alpha 3: 17-March-2010
PerformanceAn experimental Direct2D rendering backend on Windows is available, turned off by default. For information and instructions on enabling this experimental feature, see Bas Shouten's post.
JavaScriptSignificant API improvements are available for JS-ctypes, a foreign function interface for extensions. ctypes.jsm now supports complex types including structures, pointers, and arrays. See Dan Witte's post for more information.
StabilityMozilla now uses an infallible allocator: if a request for memory cannot be fulfilled, the allocator aborts. This allows for simplification of the Mozilla code, as well as preventing a class of security errors with unchecked null pointers. See bug 441324 for details.
PluginsAdditional fixes for multi-process plugins:


  • crash and hang fixes;
  • the Foxit Reader and Octoshape plugins work correctly;
  • Performance improvements in the delivery of network streams.

We are interested in feedback on any bugs or missing capabilities in these new features. Some of the changes will affect web and platform compatibility. For detailed information about compatibility changes in Gecko 1.9.3, please read Upcoming Firefox features for developers.

Consulter les notes de version de Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Alpha 3

Télécharger Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Alpha 3 pour Windows 2000 et +
Télécharger Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Alpha 3 pour MacOS X 10.5 et +
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