Unlocker 1.9.1 et nouveau site internet

Nouvelle version et nouveau site internet pour l'utilitaire de suppression de fichiers récalcitrant. Le logiciel sort en version 1.9.1 et est disponible en 32 et 64 bits pour Windows.

Dans cette nouvelle version, le développeur a jouté une fonction pour supprimer dossiers et sous-dossiers avec un statut d'avancement de la tâche à effectuer.

Voici le changelog :

Unlocker 1.9.1 for 32 and 64 bit - 12/04/2011

- New feature: Made it possible to delete deep directory structures and too long path errors (Path too long, Cannot delete file or folder The file name you specified is not valid or too long. Specify a different file name, The filename or extension is too long, Path too deep, Destination Path Too Long, The file could not be accessed, The path you entered, is too long. Enter a shorter path). Try deleting the folder created by this batch file without the new Unlocker you will understand 🙂
- Improved UI: Progress bar when deleting large folders
- Improved UI: Fixed all references to previous website in UI
- Fixed Bug: Fix crash which happened with deep paths in old versions
- Fixed Bug: Fixed update check to match new Unlocker website (http://unlocker.emptyloop.com)
- Fixed Installer: Fixed x64 installer for references to non existing assistant
- Promotional feature: Fully optional Bing or Quickstores toolbar depending on location.

:dl: Télécharger Unlocker 1.9.1 pour Windows 32 ou 64 bits

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