Oracle VM Virtualbox 4.0.12

Nouvelle version de maintenance pour le virtualiseur de système d'exploitation d'Oracle. En effet, en attendant la version 4.1, la version actuelle se dote de quelques corrections principalement pour être prête à être exécutée sous MacOS X Lion (10.7).

Il y a quand même quelques corrections pour les autres systèmes...

Changelog :

VirtualBox 4.0.12 (released 2011-07-15)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • Mac OS X hosts: Lion fixes
  • Solaris hosts: fixed preemption issue with Solaris 11 hosts (builds 166 and above)
  • VBoxManage: more convenient configuration of storage controller attachments by automatically determining the port or device parameter when a storage controller has only one port or device per port (bug #9188 )
  • Storage: fixed possible data corruption under certain circumstances whith VHD and Parallels images (bug #9150 )
  • Storage: fixed access to CD/DVD images beyond 4GB when using the SATA controller (bug #8592 )
  • Floppy: make it possible to unmount a host floppy disk (bug #6651)
  • Networking: fixed the problem with segmentation offloading when several VMs were transmitting at once
  • 3D support: fixed GL_VERSION string for different locales (bug #8916 )
  • Sources: fixed USB 2.0 support using extension packs for non-official builds
  • Solaris Additions: fixed automounting of shared folders (bug #8014 )

:dl: Télécharger Oracle VM Virtualbox 4.0.12 pour tous systèmes

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