Mozilla Firefox 62.0.3

Une nouvelle mouture du navigateur Firefox est arrivé. Au programme, petites améliorations notamment au niveau de la gestion de la vie privée. En effet, un bouton pour supprimer cookies et données propre au site que vous visitez a été ajouté au bouton d’identité du site (situé dans la barre d'adresse) et un bouton pour activer/désactiver la protection contre tracking a été ajouté dans le menu principal.

Voici la liste complète des modifications par rapport à la version précédente :

Nouveautés de Firefox 62.0.3 (02/10/2018)


  • Fixed hangs on macOS Mojave (10.14) when various dialog windows (upload, download, print, etc) are activated (bug 1489785)
  • Fixed playback of some encrypted video streams on macOS (bug 1491940)
  • Various security fixes
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Nouveautés de Firefox 62.0.2 (21/09/2018)


  • Unvisited bookmarks can once again be autofilled in the address bar (bug 1488879)
  • WebGL rendering issues (bug 1489099)
  • Updates from unpacked language packs no longer break the browser (bug 1488934)
  • Fix fallback on startup when a language pack is missing (bug 1492459)
  • Profile refresh from the Windows stub installer restarts the browser (bug 1491999)
  • Properly restore window size and position when restarting on Windows (bugs 1489214 and 1489852)
  • Avoid crash when sharing a profile with newer (as yet unreleased) versions of Firefox (bug 1490585)
  • Do not undo removal of search engines when using a language pack (bug 1489820)
  • Fixed rendering of some web sites (bug 1421885)
  • Restored compatibility with some sites using deprecated TLS settings (bug 1487517)
  • Fix screen share on MacOS when using multiple monitors (bug 1487419)
  • Various security fixes
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Nouveautés de Firefox 62.0 (04/09/2018)


  • Display preview image and favicon in the New Bookmark dialog
  • Added a Clear Site Data and Cookies button to the identity popup located next to the address bar so as to provide a quick and easy process to delete local data for the visited website
  • Three-pane Inspector in Developer Tools separates the rules into its own panel
  • New tab page sections such as top sites, highlights, and Pocket can be adjusted to include 1 to 4 rows in the Preferences
  • Added Canadian English (en-CA) locale
  • Users who disconnect Firefox for desktop from Sync are now offered the option to wipe their personal data from that device (such as bookmarks, passwords, history, cookies, and site data)
  • Added a button to the hamburger menu to toggle Tracking Protection on and off


  • The description field for bookmarks has been removed. Users who manually changed the field can export old descriptions via html or json. Stored descriptions will be removed in a future release.
  • The release version of Firefox 62 will be sandboxing AutoConfig to the documented API. You can test this in Firefox Beta by setting the preference general.config.sandbox_enabled to true. If you need to continue use more complex AutoConfig scripts, you will need to use Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR).
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