Mozilla Firefox 116.0.3

Une nouvelle mouture du navigateur Firefox est arrivée. Pour cette version 116, adieu Windows 7/8.1 et macOS 10.12 à 10.14. Il faudra désormais Windows 10 ou macOS 10.15 au minimum pour faire fonctionner le navigateur.

Pour les nouveautés de cette, Mozilla propose quelques améliorations diverses de confort comme gérer le panneau latéral avec le clavier, copier n'importe quel fichier du système et le coller dans la fenêtre du navigateur, le réglage du volume d'une vidéo en mode Picture-in Picture.

D'autres améliorations sont de la partie au niveau de la vitesse d'envoi avec le protocole HTTP/2, de même que quelques nouveautés pour les développeurs et entreprises.

Voici la liste complète des modifications par rapport à la version précédente :

Nouveautés de Firefox 116.0.3 (16/08/2023)


  • Fixed an issue for OPFS users (especially those using the Adobe Photoshop) that broke access to files that were locally cached in a previous version. (bug 1847989bug 1847619)
  • Fixed an issue that was breaking screensharing for some users on Wayland. (bug 1841851)
  • Fixed an issue where a fullscreen notification was persistently being shown to a user, even after disabling it. (bug 1847901)
  • Fixed an issue where Firefox would hang when doing a Google search. (bug 1847066)

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Nouveautés de Firefox 116.0.2 (07/08/2023)


  • Fixes an issue that was causing keystrokes to be scrambled for users using ZoneAlarm anti-keylogger. (bug 1847033)

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Nouveautés de Firefox 116.0.1 (04/08/2023)


  • Fixed an issue which caused chart elements to render incorrectly for Windows users. (bug 1846613)

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Nouveautés de Firefox 116.0 (01/08/2023)


  • Sidebar switcher allows users to access Bookmarks, History and Synced Tabs panels easily, quickly switch between them, move the sidebar to another side of the browser window, or close the sidebar. Now, keyboard users would be able to do it all with ease too, with or without any assistive technology running, without needing to memorize keyboard shortcuts to access these panels.
  • When an update is available in English locales, users will now have access to the release notes in the update notification prompt in the form of a "Learn More" link.
  • It is now possible to copy any file from your operating system and paste it into Firefox.
  • You asked, and we listened! The volume slider is now available in Picture-in-Picture.
  • We added the possibility to edit existing text annotations.


  • The upload performance of HTTP/2 has been significantly improved starting with Firefox 115.0, particularly on those with a higher bandwidth delay product (i.e., networks characterized by both high bandwidth and high latency).


  • The keyboard shortcut to reopen closed tabs (command + shift + t) now reopens last closed tab or last closed window, in the order items were closed. If there aren't any tabs or windows to reopen, this command restores the previous session. This change is in anticipation of upcoming changes to recently closed tabs.



  • Developer Information
  • Added support for the dirname attribute to pass text directionality information about input and textarea elements to the server. (learn more)
  • Firefox now supports CSP3 external hashes.
  • The Audio Output Devices API now enables sites to redirect audio from media elements to permitted output devices (speakers) other than the system default for the user-agent.
    For example, WebRTC conferencing sites can now redirect audio either to the speakers in a headset or to external speakers.

Web Platform

  • This release now supports proper BYOB readers on Fetch and WebTransport, which allows developers to prepare their ArrayBuffer so that it can be reused for read requests and thus saves memory allocation. .getReader({ mode: "byob" }) on Fetch and WebTransport streams was supported on previous releases but without true BYOB support, as new memory allocation still occurred internally.

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Mozilla Firefox
Version : 116.0.3
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