Mozilla Firefox 117.0.1

Une nouvelle mouture du navigateur Firefox est arrivée. Pour cette version 117, période estivale oblige, peu de nouveautés sont à noter.

On pourra déjà remarquer que l'auto-completion des information de cartes bancaires a été activé pour les italiens, espagnols, autrichiens, belges et polonais. Sur macOS, amélioration de l'utilisation du navigateur au clavier avec une nouvelle fonction pour la touche de tabulation.

Le défilement de Youtube est à nouveau fluide lors de l'utilisation d'un lecteur d'écran et Firefox utilise désormais le partage d'écran du système lorsqu'il est exécuté sur une session Wayland sur Linux.

Autrement, quelques nouveautés et améliorations pour les entreprises et développeurs, notamment le support du CSS nesting.

Voici la liste complète des modifications par rapport à la version précédente :

Nouveautés de Firefox 117.0.1 (12/09/2023)


  • Fixed a bug causing links opened from outside Firefox to not open on macOS (bug 1850828)
  • Fixed a bug causing extensions using an event page for long-running tasks to be terminated while running, causing unexpected behavior changes (bug 1851373)
  • Temporarily reverted an intentional behavior change preventing Javascript from changing URL.protocol (bug 1850954).
    NOTE: This change is expected to ship in a later Firefox release alongside other web browsers and sites are encouraged to find alternate ways to change the protocol if needed.
  • Fixed audio worklets not working for sites using WebAssembly exception handling (bug 1851468)
  • Fixed the Reopen all tabs option in the Recently closed tabs menu sometimes failing to open all tabs (bug 1850856)
  • Fixed the bookmarks menu sometimes remaining partially visible when minimizing Firefox (bug 1843700)
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect time zones to be detected on some sites (bug 1848615)
  • Security fix

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Nouveautés de Firefox 117.0 (29/08/2023)


  • Support for credit card autofill has been extended to users running Firefox in the IT, ES ,AT, BE, and PL locales.
  • macOS users can now control the tabability of controls and links via about:preferences.
    Screenshot of new macOS tabability option in about:preferences
  • To avoid undesirable outcomes on sites which specify their own behavior when pressing shift+right-click, Firefox now has a dom.event.contextmenu.shift_suppresses_event preference to prevent the context menu from appearing.


  • YouTube video lists now scroll correctly when navigating with a screen reader.
  • Various security fixes.


  • Firefox no longer shows its own screen sharing indicator on Wayland desktop environments. The system default sharing indicator will be used instead.



  • Developer Information
  • Web compatibility inspection has been enhanced with our new CSS compatibility tooltip in the Developer Tools Inspector. An icon is now displayed next to properties that could lead to web compatibility issues. When hovered, the tooltip indicates which browsers are not supported and displays a link to the MDN page for the property so the user can learn more about it.
    Screenshot showing CSS compatibility icon for a property shown in the Inspector
  • console.clear() no longer clears the Console output if the "Enable persistent logs" option is enabled.

Web Platform

  • Support for improved CSS nesting is now enabled by default.
  • Firefox now supports RTCRtpScriptTransform.
  • ReadableStream.from is now supported, allowing creation of a ReadableStream from an (async) iterable.
  • Firefox now supports the math-style and math-depth CSS properties and the font-size: math value.

Consulter les notes de version de Mozilla Firefox 117.0

Mozilla Firefox
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