Oracle VM Virtualbox 4.3.0

Une nouvelle version majeure du virtualisateur de système d'exploitation d'Oracle vient de sortir ce soir et est numérotée 4.3.0. Parmi les nouveautés, l'équipe de développeurs a amélioré les performances d'émulation avec les instructions matérielles (Intel VT-x ou MAD-V) activées. Mais ils ont également ajouté un module de capture vidéo, l'émulation d'un lecteur CD-ROM SCSI, de l'IPv6, et des appareils tactiles sur USB, etc...

Le changelog est plutôt long et détaille toutes les modifications de cette version :

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Oracle VM Virtualbox 4.0.10

5ème mise à jour de maintenance pour le virtualisateur de systèmes d'exploitation d'Oracle. Au programme, diverses corrections de bugs au niveau de la gestion des disques durs, de MacOS X Lion (10.7) et du support de Gnome 3.0. Les utilisateurs du logiciel étant sous un Kernel Linux en 3.0 se voit corrigés d'un bugs frappant la détection des instructions matérielles Intel VT-x.

Pour le reste voici le changelog :

Changes in VirtualBox 4.0.10 (2011-06-27):
* GUI: fixed disappearing settings widgets on KDE hosts (bug #6809)
* Storage: fixed hang under rare circumstances with flat VMDK images
* Storage: a saved VM could not be restored under certain circumstances after the host kernel was updated (bug #8983)
* Storage: refuse to create a medium with an invalid variant (for example Split2G with VDI; bug #7227)
* Snapshots: none of the hard disk attachments must be attached to another VM in normal mode when creating a snapshot
* USB: fixed occasional VM hangs with SMP guests (bug #4580)
* USB: proper device detection on RHEL/OEL/CentOS 5 guests (partial fix for bug #8978)
* ACPI: force the ACPI timer to return monotonic values for improve behavior with SMP Linux guests (bug #8511 and others)
* RDP: fixed screen corruption under rare circumstances (bug #8977)
* rdesktop-vrdp: updated to version 1.7.0
* OVF: under rare circumstances some data at the end of a VMDK file was not written during export
* Mac OS X hosts: Lion fixes
* Mac OS X hosts: GNOME 3 fix
* Linux hosts: fixed VT-x detection on Linux 3.0 hosts (bug #9071)
* Linux hosts: fixed Python 2.7 bindings in the universal Linux binaries
* Windows hosts: fixed leak of thread and process handles
* Windows Additions: fixed bug when determining the extended version of the Guest Additions (4.0.8 regression; bug #8948)
* Solaris Additions: fixed installation to 64-bit Solaris 10u9 guests (4.0.8 regression)
* Linux Additions: RHEL6.1/OL6.1 compile fix
* Linux Additions: fixed a memory leak during VBoxManage guestcontrol execute (bug #9068)

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Oracle VM Virtualbox 3.2.12

Après presque deux mois d'intense recherche, voici qu'une nouvelle version du virtualisateur de systèmes d'exploitation d'Oracle fait son arrivée. Avec cette version 3.2.12 qui se focalise sur l’amélioration de performances notamment afin de prévenir les risques de ralentissements pour les processeurs possédants les instructions de virtualisation matérielles en mettant en oeuvre la gestion d'une nouvelle instruction évitant ce désagrément.

Sur Linux, c'est la compilation en dure qui se fera pour le driver graphique vboxvideo si DKMS n'est pas installé. Le reste des changements est disponible ci-dessous :

VirtualBox 3.2.12 (released 2010-11-30)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VMM: fixed rare host crash when running 64-bit guests on 32-bit hosts (bug #7577)
  • VMM: fixed host reboots under rare circumstances due to NMIs triggered by active performance counters (Linux hosts in non-VT-x/AMD-V mode only; bug #4529)
  • VMM: fixed out of memory guru meditation for large memory guests (bug #7586)
  • VMM: fixed a guru meditation related to large pages
  • VMM: use new VT-x feature to keep the guest from hogging the CPU
  • Snapshots: implemented deleting the last remaining snapshot while the VM is running
  • GUI: perform the checks for exceeding the size limit of the host file system and for broken asynchronous I/O on older Linux kernels with ext4 / xfs file systems not only when starting the VM from scratch but also when starting from a saved state
  • NAT: fixed memory leak (3.2.0 regression; bugs #6918, #7353)
  • Networking: fixed VM reset handling in e1000
  • VRDP: fixed rare crash in multimonitor configuration
  • Display: fixed occasional guest resize crash
  • Mouse: don't send relative mouse events together with absolute mouse events (3.2.10 regression; bug #7571)
  • Keyboard: fixes for the USB keyboard emulation; fixes for Koran keyboards
  • Serial: don't hang if the host device would block during open (bugs #5756, #5380)
  • Serial: fixed modem status lines (Linux hosts only; bug #812)
  • Graphics: Horizontal resolutions are no longer restricted to a multiple of 8 pixels (bug #2047; requires Guest Additions update).
  • USB: fixed a crash with older Linux kernels and non-ASCII characters in device strings (Linux hosts only; bug #6983, #7158, #7733; version 3.2.8 contained an incomplete fix)
  • USB: fixed a crash under rare circumstances (bug #7409; Windows hosts only)
  • iSCSI: respond to NOP-In requests from the target immediately to avoid being disconnected if the guest is idle
  • 3D support: fixed a crash under certain circumstances (bug #7659)
  • 3D support: fixed crashes for GLUT based apps (bug #6848 )
  • 3D support: added missing GLX 1.3 functionality (bugs #7652, #7195)
  • 2D Video acceleration: fixed potential deadlock when saving the VM state (bug #4124)
  • Windows hosts: another fix for BSODs under certain circumstances in VBoxNetFlt.sys (bug #7601)
  • Solaris hosts: fixed host USB DVD drive detection
  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed swapped keys for certain ISO keyboard types (bug #2996)
  • Linux hosts: added link state handling for TAP devices needed for proper operation with bridged networking on kernels 2.6.36 and above (bug #7649)
  • Linux hosts/guests: Linux 2.6.37 fixes
  • Linux Additions: properly compile the vboxvideo module if DKMS is not installed (bug #7572)
  • Linux Additions: fixed a memory leak when accessing non-existing files on a Shared Folders (bug #7705)
  • Windows Additions: skip none-mapped user accounts when enumerating user accounts for VM information
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Sun xVM Virtualbox 3.1.6

Un mois et demi après la publication de la précédente version, voici que les développeurs du logiciel de virtualisation de Sun nous offrent la version 3.1.6 corrigeant (comme d'habitude) une petite liste bien fournie de bugs embêtant et rencontrés sur les moutures précédentes.

Voici le changelog de la version 3.1.6 :

Changes in VirtualBox 3.1.6 (released 2010-03-25):
* Linux hosts: fixed timing issue on hosts with Linux kernels 2.6.31 or later with certain CPUs (asynchronous timer mode; bug #6250)
* Linux hosts: properly handle host suspend/resume events on Linux kernels 2.6.30 or later (bug #5562)
* Mac OS X hosts: fixed VBoxSVC crash while enumerating the host network interfaces under certain circumstances
* Snapshots: fixed image corruption after snapshot merge under certain circumstances (bug #6023)
* Snapshots: fixed crash with VBoxHeadless / OSE
* VMM: fixed reference counting guru meditation (bug #4940)
* VMM: improved guest SMP stability
* VMM: fixed VT-x hardware debug issues (bugs #477 & #5792)
* VMM: fixed PGMDynMapHCPage guru meditation (Mac OS X; VT-x only; bug #6095)
* VMM: fixed pgmPoolTrackFlushGCPhysPTInt guru meditations (Mac OS X; VT-x only; bugs #6095 & #6125)
* VMM: Fixed host crash when running PAE guests in VT-X mode (Mac OS X only; bug #5771).
* GUI: fix displaying of error message (bug #4345)
* GUI: fix inability to enter seamless mode (bugs #6185, #6188)
* 3D support: fixed assertion and flickering when guest application uses several windows with a single OpenGL context (bug #4598)
* 3D support: fixed host crashes when using GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array and array element calls (bug #6165)
* 3D support: fixed runtime linker errors with OpenGL guest libs (bug #5297)
* 3D support: fixed OpenGL extension viewer crash on startup (bug #4962)
* NAT: fixed a 3.1.4 regression on Windows hosts where graceful connection termination was broken (bug #6237)
* NAT: alternative network setting was not stored persistent (bug #6176)
* NAT: fixed memory corruption during ICMP traffic under certain circumstances
* Network: allow to switch the host interface or the internal network while a VM is running (bug #5781)
* VHD: fix for images with a block size different than 2MB
* USB: fixed filtered device attach regression (bug #6251)
* USB: fixed crash in OHCI under rare circumstances (bug #3571)
* VRDP: fixed hang under rare circumstances when attaching USB devices
* ACPI: prevent guest freezes when accessing /proc/acpi for determining the state of the host battery and the AC adapter (Linux hosts only; bug #2836)
* PulseAudio: fixed guest freezes under certain conditions (3.1.4 regression; bug #6224)
* BIOS: increased space for DMI strings
* BIOS: fixed interrupt routing problem for certain configurations (I/O-APIC enabled, ACPI not used; bug #6098)
* iSCSI: be more robust when handling the INQUIRY response
* iSCSI: be more robust when handling sense data
* BusLogic: fixed FreeBSD guests
* webservice: vboxwebsrv is now multithreaded
* Solaris Installer: fixed netmask to stay persistent across reboots for Host-only interface (bug #4590)
* Linux installer: removed external dependency to (bug #6243)
* Solaris Additions: fixed superfluous kernel logging (bug #6181)
* Linux Additions: fixed hang when starting the X server in Fedora12 guests and in guests with Linux 2.6.33 or later (bug #6198)
* Linux Additions: support Mandriva speedboot runlevel (bug #5484)
* Linux Additions: fixed SELinux security context of mount.vboxsf (bug #6362)
* Linux Additions: support Ubuntu 10.04 (bug #5737)
* Web service: update PHP bindings to fix problems with enums and collections

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Sun xVM Virtualbox 3.1.4

2ème mise à jour de correction pour le logiciel de virtualisation gratuit de Sun qui passe donc en version 3.1.4. Son but : concurrencer VMware Player 3.0 ou Server 2.0.

Cette mise à jour corrige donc une flopée de bugs rencontrés sur les précédentes version du logiciel dont un concernant la stabilité du multicoeur, du guru méditation, de la compatibilité avec les Kernels Linux 2.6.32 et de quelques crashs avec certaines applications Windows 16bits.

Le reste du changelog est disponible ici

VirtualBox 3.1.4 (released 2010-02-12)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VMM: SMP stability fixes
  • VMM: fixed guru meditation in certain rare cases (bug #5968)
  • VMM: activate NXE for PAE enabled guests (VT-x and AMD-V on 32 bits hosts only; bug #3578)
  • VMM: added workaround for broken BIOSes that make VirtualBox think AMD-V is in use (for details see bug #5639)
  • VMM: fixed rare host reboot when restoring a saved state (bug #3945)
  • VMM: fixed incompatibility with 2.6.32 Linux kernels (software virtualization only; bug #6100)
  • VMM: turn on nested paging by default for new VMs (if available; VT-x and AMD-V only)
  • VMM: turn on VPID by default for new VMs (if available; VT-x only)
  • VMM: perform strict CPUID compatibility checks when teleporting; to get the old behavior set "VBoxInternal/CPUM/StrictCpuIdChecks" to 0
  • VMM: fixed VM crash with certain 16 bits Windows applications (software virtualization only; bug #5399)
  • Snapshots: fixed a 3.1 regression that broke deletion of snapshots when a machine had immutable or writethrough storage attached (bug #5727)
  • Saved state: fixed VERR_SSM_LOADED_TOO_MUCH error when loading DisplayScreenshot(bug #6162)
  • VBoxManage: add restorecurrent operation to snapshots command
  • VBoxManage: fixed broken snapshot lookup by name (bug #6070
  • GUI: fixed the broken "Reload" button that reloads the machine XML when a machine is inaccessible
  • GUI: fixed guest fullscreen mode after reboot (bug #5372)
  • GUI: handle Ctrl+Break properly on X11 hosts (bug #6122)
  • GUI: fixed status LEDs for storage devices
  • GUI: workaround for disabling the seamless mode on KDE hosts (KWin bug)
  • 3D support: fixed SELinux warning saying requires text relocation (bug #5690)
  • 3D support: fixed Corrupted surface rendering (bug #5695)
  • 3D support: free textures on guest application termination (bug #5206)
  • 3D support: fixed ubigraph_server crashes (#4674)
  • 3D support: fixes for 64-bit Solaris guests
  • Seamless: disable seamless mode when guest changes screen resolution (bug #5655)
  • NAT: fixed high CPU load under certain circumstances (Windows hosts only; bug #5787)
  • NAT: fixed handling of the broadcast flag in DHCP requests
  • NAT: fixed rare crash due to an assertion in the ICMP code (bug #3217)
  • Virtio-net: don't crash when ports accessed beyond the valid range (bug #5923)
  • LsiLogic: fix for Windows 7 guests
  • ATA: fix for guru meditation when installing Solaris 8 guests (bug #5972)
  • VHD: fixed an incompatibility with Virtual PC (bug #5990)
  • VHD: update the footer backup after setting a new UUID (bug #5004)
  • Host DVD: really fixed loading "passthrough" setting from config file (bug #5681)
  • Shared folders: fixed resolving of symlink target on Linux (3.1.2 regression)
  • VRDP: fixed VERR_NET_ADDRESS_IN_USE error when restarting a VM (3.1 regression; bug #5902)
  • VRDP: fixed crash on Mac OS X when 3D is enabled (3.1 regression)
  • PulseAudio: fixed recording (bug #4302)
  • USB: fixed a shutdown blue screen (Windows hosts only; bug #5885)
  • BIOS: fixed attribute during text scroll (bug #3407)
  • OVF: fix strange error messages on disk import errors
  • OVF: do not require write access the the .ovf file during import (3.1 regression; bug #5762)
  • iSCSI: fix taking snapshots of a running VM (#5849)
  • Solaris hosts: several USB fixes (including support for Apple iPod; bug #5873)
  • Solaris installer: fixed USB module removal and Solaris 10 "id" binary incompatibility
  • Guest Additions: fixed wrong guest time adjustment if the guest clock is ahead (3.1 regression; non-Windows guests only)
  • Linux Additions: fixed shared folders for Linux 2.6.32 guests (bug #5891)
  • Linux Additions: make the mouse driver work on Debian 5.0.3 guests again (3.1.2 regression, bug #5832)
  • Windows Additions: fixed malfunctioning !VBoxService that broke time-sync (bug #5872)
  • Windows Additions: fixed uninstallation issues on 64-bit guests
  • Windows Additions: fixed some sysprep execution issues
  • X.Org Additions: never reject the saved video mode as invalid (bug #5731)
  • XFree86 Additions: accept video mode hints for the initial mode again
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