Opera 10.50 Bêta 2 pour Windows

Et voilà une nouvelle bêta pour le navigateur internet Opera qui, depuis la sortie de la bêta 1, a subi des sorties de versions de test dans un rythme frénétique (une build par jour).

Donc pour cette bêta 2, des corrections de bugs, des améliorations de performances pour le moteur Javascript Carakan et une harmonisation de l'interface (à savoir Windows XP utilisera l'aspect minimal avec le bouton "O" rouge lorsque les onglets sont placés sur le dessus).

Le changelog complet est disponible ci-dessous (enfin en-dessous du lien de téléchargement)

Télécharger Opera 10.50 Bêta 2 pour Windows (la Bêta RC pour MacOS X est également disponible sur la page)

Changes and improvements since Opera 10.50 beta 1 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop)

User interface

  • Vista, Windows 7 style title bar integration on WinXP, when tabs are on top
    • Applies only when the WinXP default desktop/start menu is employed, and not to the Classic desktop/start menu
  • Opera "O" menu: changed "Page Tools" menu item to "Page"
  • opera:webstorage and opera:webdatabases to the Address bar history dropdown list
  • Opera Widgets
    • Widget Manger panel in the Opera user interface
    • Support for window style (floating/below etc)
    • Support for an error console
  • Stabilized, polished, and increased protection against spoofing of overlay dialogs
  • Opera Unite:
    • Numerous tweaks and improvements to bundled Opera Unite applications
  • Opera Widgets
    • Widget generic icon
    • Widget installation process
    • Widget documentation
    • Widget localization:
      • Various widget translation strings
  • Localization:
    • Strings for private browsing
    • Strings for download-acceleration software compatibility
  • Image context menu items being greyed out
  • Title bar flickering when resizing on WinXP
  • Several issues regarding bookmark manipulation
  • An issue that occurred while Opera Turbo is running
  • An issue when duplicating tabs using mouse gestures
  • Current images mode not being inherited when opening links in a new tab
  • New tab gesture opening a blank page without focus in the address bar instead of in Speed Dial
  • Pasted bookmarks being stored in the wrong location
  • Page zoom menu not being keyboard accessible
  • Web fonts with a specified format not working
  • Full name of dictionaries not being shown
  • An issue when deleting many bookmarks freezes Opera
  • Import/Export only supporting the old .adr bookmark format and not the new .ini format
  • Trash name not being displayed if the name is absent in the bookmarks file
  • After importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer, the dialog cannot be opened again
  • Opera creating both a bookmarks.adr and a bookmarks.ini file on first start
  • The order of personal bar items not being remembered between sessions
  • Opening a new window opens a ghost window
  • Auto-hiding of the Windows taskbar is obscured by the Opera window
  • Bottom arrow in a vertical / horizontal scrollbar points up when hovering the scrollbar
  • Creating a "New (Private) Tab" from the task bar or systray does not maximize the Opera window
  • A random font being set when changing fonts in Preferences and then restarting Opera
  • An issue with "Open file" from the completed download notifications open sessions dialog
  • Replaced "Developer Tools" with "Opera Dragonfly" in the Tools > Advanced traditional Opera menu bar
  • Longdesc link going to the wrong URI
  • Longdesc image description showing up in the image context menu
  • Context menu not working in the Speed Dial search box
  • Firewall alert when starting Opera on Windows 7
  • Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut missing from the File menu
  • Opera Unite:
    • Context menu missing for images and links in widgets
    • An issue with translations
    • Right-click menu missing from the path field in the Opera Unite properties dialog
  • Opera Widgets:
    • An issue with the widget Edit field context menu after Spellcheck has been enabled
    • An issue with password manager
    • An issue while downloading from an untrusted repository
    • Scrollbars appearing when the Yandex Traffic widget is docked
    • Zooming widgets displays scrollbars
    • Scrollbars not appearing for widgets in application mode
    • Downloading a widget fails if it is already in the transfers list

Display and scripting

  • Numerous upgrades to the Carakan JavaScript engine
  • New backend for webstorage with improved performance
  • Tab hover thumbnails
  • Tab cycler by adding transparency
  • Property caching in combination with special properties
  • An issue with Google Buzz
  • Instruction via the command line not being evaluated in local scope with Opera Dragonfly
  • Optimization of the operation <canvas> putImageData operation
  • Plug-in size and position not being updated when a plug-in is in synchronous state (Youtube)
  • SVG background-images being misplaced and clipped
  • An issue with third-party native skin icons
  • Not being able to escape <input>
  • An issue when using fullscreen mode

Mail, news, chat

  • Localization:
    • String for "Reply to list"
    • String for "Reply to sender"
    • Strings for "Mail progress"
  • RSS/newsfeed preview being stuck at the "loading" stage
  • Ghost feed items appearing after restart
  • Smileys not showing their images in mail and chat
  • An issue when trying to send a file in Opera chat/IRC
  • No mail messages being selected on startup
  • "Mark messages as read" option in filters being broken
  • Slow loading of mail
  • Loading mail without showing a progress indicator
  • Mails being lost on IMAP when deleting a draft reply
  • Sent mail appearing in the received index
  • Cut and paste not working in the mail compose context menu
  • Not being able to attach files by dragging and dropping them to the compose window
  • The "Reply to list" button not showing for mailing list mails
  • Context menu for the compose window
  • Problem while holding the backspace key when typing a message in M2


  • Opera Unite:
    • Cross network request being issued when accessing an Opera Unite application


  • Cache support and stability
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