Mozilla Firefox 72.0.2

Une nouvelle mouture du navigateur Firefox est arrivé. Au programme, on pourra remarquer l'intégration du mode Picture-in-Picture sur macOS et Linux, la demande de permission des notifications de site a elle été restreinte aux seuls sites où l'utilisateur a déjà eu une interaction. De son côté, la protection contre tracking fait une avancée en protégeant l'utilisateur en bloquant par défaut les scripts utilisant les empreintes numériques.

La possibilité de bloquer certaines images a été supprimé de cette version de Firefox, laissant à l'utilisateur le soin d'utiliser des webextensions plus spécialisées dans ce domaine.

Voici la liste complète des modifications par rapport à la version précédente :

Nouveautés de Firefox 72.0.2 (20/01/2020)


  • Various stability fixes
  • Fixed issues opening files with spaces in their path (bug 1601905)
  • Fixed a hang opening about:logins when a master password is set (bug 1606992)
  • Fixed a web compatibility issue with CSS Shadow Parts which shipped in Firefox 72 (bug 1604989)
  • Fixed inconsistent playback performance for fullscreen 1080p videos on some systems (bug 1608485)
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Nouveautés de Firefox 72.0.1 (08/01/2020) Nouveautés de Firefox 72.0 (07/01/2020)


  • Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection marks a major new milestone in our battle against cross-site tracking: we now block fingerprinting scripts by default for all users, taking a new bold step in the fight for our users’ privacy.
  • Firefox replaces annoying notification request pop-ups with a more delightful experience, by default for all users. The pop-ups no longer interrupt your browsing, in its place, a speech bubble will appear in the address bar when you interact with the site.
  • Picture-in-picture video is now also available in Firefox for Mac and Linux: Select the blue icon from the right edge of a video to pop open a floating window so you can keep watching while working in other tabs or apps. Learn how the feature works.



  • Support for blocking images from individual domains has been removed from Firefox, because of low usage and poor user experience.


  • Experimental support for using client certificates from the OS certificate store can be enabled by setting the preference security.osclientcerts.autoload to true (Windows only).


  • Developer Information
  • Debugger Watchpoints let developers observe object property access and writes for easier to track data flow through an application.
  • Firefox now supports simulation of <meta viewport> in Responsive Design Mode.
Consulter les notes de version de Mozilla Firefox 72.0
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